Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover.

Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover claimed to removes all waterproof makeup efficiently and it actually did! It is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. Thus, this remover are gentle to the eyes and skin.

I got mine from Guardian store for RM16.90 for 70ml. A bottle would last on me for at least 2 months. To use, shake the remover until the dual phase mix well and soak cotton pad with the remover.

Pat and wipe the remover-soaked cotton pad gently to the lid.

Both side of the of used cotton pad. It removed everything!

First wipe removed all the eyeshadow and most of the eyeliner. Mascara need a little work to remove.
Mascara completely removed.

It only takes one swipe to remove this hard core red lipstick.

This remover also works to remove blusher, face powder and BB cream/foundation.

Cheek wiped with remover-soaked cotton pad.

The fourth cotton pad in the picture below shown cotton pad soaked with toner and wiped over face after using makeup remover. There are still quite a lot of foundation/face powder left. So, it is still necessary to wash your face using facial cleanser.



Verdict: Great makeup remover, inexpensive and easily available in Guardian or Watson. I'll definitely repurchased this makeup remover. Highly recommended.



Gaby said...

Wow, this really seems to work!

Pepper said...

Gaby, It really works. It is highly raved by a lot of beauty blogger.

meipinggg said...

teehee! :D i got one too! :D but it'll last me a long time cause i don't wear makeup everyday :P

Pepper said...


^_^ ya, i noticed i could stretch this up to 4 months usage. Could stretch more, but the mascara I'm using right now quite tough to remove, need more makeup remover.

Catanya said...

Hello there, gorgeous!!
Great review, thanks so much for sharing, I was looking for a good makeup remover!
New follower here,

Pepper said...


Hello there beauty, I love this makeup remover, it's works and it's cheap. Thanks for following ^_^

angel said...

I'm using this too. This work great.. Before this i use nivea eye makeup remover but it cannot remove maybelline mascara. So i change to this. It's cheap and it work great. =)

Pepper said...


I'm not really fond of Nivea. The lotion too thick, the deodorant too wet...i never tried other stuff tho.

Rachel said...

Nice link. This seems to great remover application. You have presented this product very nicely. I appreciate a lot.

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