Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

I got to agree, the name is a bit confusing. Normally , '5 piece brush set' mean there are five brushes in the set. But in this case, it's four brushes and a small bag to store the brushes. This set comes with a reusable storage pouch (the plastic bag), a cotton+hemp cosmetic bag, a baby kabuki (cute), a mineral powder brush, an eye shading brush and a concealer brush.

I just received the brushes yesterday. My first impression, the bamboo handle is pretty, it's soft like a kitten, the size is just nice for a travel kit and the bag is small.

I'm not kidding when I say the bag is small. Eventho it could fit all the brushes, however it's kinda tight in there. Personally I prefer brush roll.

I washed the brushes last night and I noticed no shedding occured. It cleaned up easily. Since it's small, it dries up pretty fast too. Three of the picture above shows the brushes right after 'shower'. You can see that the baby kabuki is not that dense. The other brush however is dense enough for its purpose.

I used the brushes this morning, and I gotta say, I'm not that impressed. I think the brushes is just okay. Oh ya, the baby kabuki sheds 1 bristle this morning.
  • Baby Kabuki brush - not good for applying mineral base/foundation, it won't buff the foundation nicely, however it work great for applying blusher.
  • Mineral Powder Brush - works okay to apply mineral foundation, it is tapered, so it would reach eye and nose area. I think it would work for contouring too.
  • Concealer brush - good one, just a lil too stiff to my liking.
  • Eye shading brush - Not good for detailed application, but it works fine if you want to apply only one color. It works well for blending eyeshadow too.
One problem I noticed about the big brushes is that, it does not pick up powder nicely. So I need more product to get coverage.

Would I recommend? No, I would suggest E.L.F. Studio brushes instead.
Would I repurchase? Don't think so.

p/s: I might update this review if I found anything about this brushes that worth mentioning.

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aisyah De Cullen said...

Thanks for the review..=) I think I might skip Ecotools brushes then..

Pepper said...

Yeah, I think you should skip this one and get ELF Studio equivalents instead. I think the reason why it doesn't pick up product that well is because of the taklon bristles. Usually taklon bristles does not pick up product as well as natural brushes. But the one in ecotools brushes just annoying.

Gaby said...

I was thinking about picking this up, but since they seem average, I think I will pass. Thanks for this review!

Pepper said...

The brushes are average, I'm not sure how the full size version perform, but this set totally average.

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