About Pepper and FLECKS

 Student and make up junkie

I love make up to the max. Spending about 1 hour in the morning, putting on makeup is my daily therapy. Started to rekindle with my passion to makeup after abandoning it during my undergraduate years.

 a  make up blog,

The main reason I write this blog is to contribute back to the awesome community of beauty bloggers that willing to spend some time to share with everyone about what they think of a certain product. I'm not talking about the sponsored bloggers or YouTubers, I'm talking about those amazing ladies that writes honest review regardless if the products were bought using their own money or send to them for free by companies. Even better with tutorials, tips and tons of products swatches pictures in their blogs that help us, consumers, to make better choice. You know how swatches on the companies website totally off from the actual product.

It's my goal to help consumers out there making better choice and stretch the value of their money by sharing my thoughts and pictures of products swatches. I find satisfaction when I know there are people out there, led to my blog via search engines, to find swatches or reviews of products in the market.

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