Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smokey Brown Using ELF Brightening Eye Color in Day 2 Night

Day 2 Night IMO is one of the best palette ELF gotta to offer. The color pigmented and easy to blend.

New Ways to View My Blog! Dynamic View.

OMG! This is so new and so fun...I love blogspot for this reason. It continually improve and pretty much bimbo-proof.

So the latest 'wooo-aah' from Google is Dynamic View. Basically this introduce 5 new innovative way to view blog. To learn more, click here

Now, to view my blog in any one of the new Dynamic View, just click to any one of the link below.
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  • Pepper's Fuss Free Easy Daily Make Up

    No, I'm not fixed with one look for my daily make up, but the one I'm sharing with you today is the fool-proof version. Tried and tested, is the confirmed way to brighten up my face.

    The key to this look are
    • Base - my face have too much blemish, so concealing and medium to full coverage is a must. Long-wearing foundation preferable as I sweat a lot.
    • Green eyeshadow and eyeliner - green really flatter brown eyes and colored eyeliner instantly brighten the eyes.
    • Coral blusher and lipstick -warm shade such as coral suit my olive skin tone very well.

      Start with clean, toned and moisturised face. You can see in the picture above how terrible my current skin condition, that's the aftermath from using Everyday Minerals base. My skin reacts badly causing clogged pores and ultimately endless pimples party. Now, pretty much all the pimples gone, but it left a lot of undesirable hyperpigmentation.

      Ok, to start of, I apply Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ sunscreen. This sunscreen is so awesome that it double as a make up base. I used Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage in Ginger to conceal dark circle and blemishes all over my face. For base, I use Revlon Colorstay in Golden Beige mixed with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This make the foundation easier to apply and blend. It also dilute the foundation, making it perfect for daily use.

      Apply UDPP to the lid. UDPP is the only base the really works on my oily lid. I used green eyeshadow as it match very well with coral blusher and lipstick I'm using for this look. I used Stage Eye Liner in Teal Theater, using black eyeliner can be boring at times. Lastly, fuss free mascara from Avon.

      Finish up the look with ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral and Stage Wonderlust Lipstick in Sarah.
      The finished look. My skin more even and most blemishes concealed. More importantly, I didn't look pale or sick. When I went out to buy lunch bare faced, without any makeup, people will ask if I'm okay or I'm sick or not.

      p/s: - Sometimes Most of the time, I'm too lazy, so I used BB cream as base and skipping concealer and sunscreen.

    Luxe - day to nite

    Yesterday, before I removed my makeup in the Luxe Fortuna post, I decided to try making the eyes more dramatic while using the exact same palette, calling each Day or Nite look.

    Day look objective is to make the eyes look fresh without actually being obvious. While Nite look is sort of screaming for attention.

    Since my lid hooded/folded heavily, whenever I do 'Day' or simple look, I would focus all the dark or strong color on the main lid that hidden when I open my eyes. And then, I used color that is quite close to skin color on the crease and blend it upwards. Other than that, eyeliner applied thinly and nothing applied to the lower lashline.

    For 'Night' or dramatic look, I bring the dark or strong color higher, above my natural crease. This way, the dark or strong colour would still look obvious even when I close my eyes. Highlight under the brow also applied heavier to balance out with the lid and crease. Eyeliner applied thicker, eyeshadow and mascara also applied to the lower lash line. I'm not sure if I make sense in this post, but this inspire me for a tutorial post later.

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    Luxe Fortuna

    I think it had been quite sometime I posted EOTD in this blog. I guess my everyday eye look is boring compared to the usual experiment (all the "Not EOTD"). And I finally master the method of applying gel/cream eyeliner very thinly and very closely to the lash line. The key is the brush.I used ELF Brightening Eye Color in Luxe for this look.
    Today I use Stage Wondergloss lip gloss in Fortuna. I'm not good at describing color, but I can tell you it's a warm shade that suit my olive skintone very well. The gloss is very moisturising! I love love the brush applicator.

    Watermelon Nails

    Base: L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer in Ruby Slippers and Elianto Nail Color #32 Lime Green
    Stamp and Dotting Color: Konad Special Nail Polish White and Elianto Nail Color #40 Twilight Zone
    Top Coat: Konad Top Coat
    Image Plate: Konad M57

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Tag: Writing on the Wall.

    I was tagged by Yana for this one. The thing is, my handwriting is so not pretty that some people mistaken my handwritten notes written by male classmate. LOL.

    The questions to answer are

    1. What's your name/your blogger name?

    2. What's your blog's name/URL?

    3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

    4. Favorite quote?

    5. Your Favorite song?

    6. Your favorite band/singers?

    7. Anything else you want to say?

    8. Tag three to five other people (I'm not tagging anyone in particular, anyone feels like doing this tag, feel free to do so :)

    Review: Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

    I'm just gonna write a short review for this product.
    • Basically it's an chemical exfoliation serum.
    • liquid-y consistency.
    • feels light
    • not drying
    • I could only see minor exfoliation occur. The exfoliation mainly happens on the acne scars.
    • After approx. 2 weeks, I could hardly see any improvement in my skin condition.
    • From gossmakeupartist video in YouTube, I learn that this product pH is 5. A bit too high for a chemical exfoliation product to work. AHA/BHA usually need acidic pH to really work. This product might suit those with sensitive skin.
    • Price: RM190 for 30ml, RM250 for 50ml....tooooooo expensive!!!!
    • Would not repurchase.
    Bottom line, too expensive and it doesn't really work.

    p/s: I'm supposed to be busy writing abstract for a conference in September. But I'm too lazy to do anything...gah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (funny thing is, I still have time to write a blog post. LOL)

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    Libresse “Try New Things” Campus Roadshow

    Libresse “Try New Things” Campus Roadshow at Unimas.
    Attractive campaign
    The booths. The weather is bright and hot today and the Libresse people been there since 9.30am. The picture taken around 4pm.
    The sale booth. They sale it RM10 for any for product. By the time I was there, the pantiliner all gone. Huhu.
    I went to the booth in the morning and received this generous samples and a voucher.
    And then, I went there again around 4pm and bought all four for RM10 only (RM10 for all four).
    The packaging so cute.
    For the purchase of the sanitary pad, I received free sanitary pad pouch, they also include another two vouchers.

    There gonna be another two of the road show this week.
    30 Mar (Wed) – MMU, Melaka
    31 Mar (Thu) – (USIM) Universiti Sains Islam M’sia, N. Sembilan
    info from Libresse Malaysia Facebook

    Black and White Lace Over Suede

    Base: L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer in Suede
    Stamp Color: Konad Special Nail Polish White and Elianto Nail Color #40 Twilight Zone
    Top Coat: Elianto Nail Color # 01 Transparent
    Image Plate: Konad M57

    Freebies Alert!!!: Libresse Sample and Voucher.

    For those in UNIMAS right now, there are Libresse promotion going on right now until 5pm at the parking lot between FRST and Allamanda College, near Sakura basketball court.

    Watch the product demo, play some games, and fill in a form, you'll received a generous Libresse product sample and a voucher worth RM1 for Libresse product that can be use only at Everrise. The sample products included 8 assorted types (maxi, slim, thin, wings, non-wings) sanitary pad and 4 assorted types panty liner. The sample includes each type of their products.

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Just practicing - Dramatic Green and Neutral Brown

    Just practicing eyeshadow application. Trying a dramatic green look and subtle neutral brown look.

    Nails, nails, nails and nails...hehehe

    Last Friday was fun. I done manicure for Jerry, Erin and Bella. Somehow the camera baterry died when I'm about to take pictures of Bella's konaded nails. Jerry wants it to be plain this time, so he have The Face Shop Nail Color in BL604. A dark blue, so dark it's almost black.

    Erin choose L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer in Ruby Slippers NP370, konaded using Konad Special Nail Polish in White. Image plate used was Konad M57. Top coat was Konad Top Coat.
    My nails. The base color is Elianto Nail Color in Coral Light 09. Konaded using Elianto Nail Color in Twilight Zone 40, Konad Special Nail Polish in White and Etude House GR603 HD. Image plates used are Konad M51 and M57. Top coat used is Elianto Nail Color in Transparent 01.

    I might as well end the makeup shopping ban...

    ...even tho May is only about a month away. *Sigh* The thing is I keep on buying stuffs this month. I noticed how ridiculously often I break the self imposed shopping ban. I can't stop myself especially when it come to bargain price! I mean real bargain.

    First is the awesome Stage Cosmetics Clearance Sale. I believed Stage Cosmetics gonna change packaging and formulation, even more, most the product were manufactured in 2008. You can read more about Stage sale here.

    And then, I went out to watch Sucker Punch yesterday. The movie is perfection! Kanpeki! I couldn't ask for more, not even a sequel. I love any movie that use Bjork, Eurythmic and Queen song. Furthermore, babes with sweet names like Blondie, Amber, and Baby Doll kicking ass like that is really breathtaking. I'm grinning like a fool throughout the movie. Wait. This is not movie review. What I really want to talk about is my second haul from Stage Cosmetics.

    And so, I bought another lipstick and a lipgloss, Wonderlust Lipstick in Sarah and Wondergloss in Fortuna. I can't help it. Stage sale assistants are really warm, friendly and nice. They didn't push you to buy anything, let you take sweet time doing swatches and testing textures and in the end, I buy stuffs that she recommend. Good SA is good SA, good for business, bad for my bank account. Nevertheless, I come out from Stage outlet with my happiness bar increase 10%. I wish MAC sale assistants/makeup artist are like that. Am I the only one who think that they are pretty intimidating that I end up running away from MAC counter when I actually have something to buy. LOL.

    The thing about Pepper is that, she prefer men perfume better women perfume. I bought Euphoria Intense for Men last February, after using it for few weeks, I decided that I need a female perfume. My femininity starts to rebel against my choice of perfume. The thing is, I loathe most of female perfumes. I'm bored of floral sweet smell. I loathe Escada especially. But I found one that I actually like. At first, the plan is to buy Elizabeth Arden Sunflower EDP for my bestfriend. But the SA suggest me Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Intense Eau de Parfum instead since it got buy 2 for the price of 1 promotion. I gave one to my bestfriend and keep another one. I love love love the scent. Lovely citrus-y opening with lots of green tea. Really refreshing. Even Jerry love the perfume.

    I found my HG sunscreen! Other companies take note, Japanese really know how to formulate proper sunscreen, especially for those living in humid weather. I tried Clinique and Banana Boat sunscreen, the oiliness is really a big turn off. After some research online, I decided sunscreen from Biore line. The sunscreen is! I bought Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF28 PA++ and Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++. These sunscreen doesn't feel oily at all, dry to powdery finishes and doesn't feel thick. Awesome! BioZ Natural Insect Repellent Stick bought exclusively for the KK trip next month. It smell pleasant compared to the other option available at Watson. I don't know why, but I bought Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer.

    Last Wednesday to Friday was Engineering Week at my uni. Nothing really catch my attention except for Avon stall. The items sold for heavily discounted price.
    Everything are RM5 each except for the mascara which is RM10. Cool huh!

    I also add more babies to my nail polish collection. Let me tell you this. I love Korean made nail polishes. The quality are great and the price is so affordable.
    Elianto Nail Color are sold for RM5.50 in Sabah and Sarawak. It's RM0.50 cheaper at the peninsular. I bought the black nail polish for konading and it work wonderful. But I spilled the whole bottle content that I have to get another one. Oh ya, the clear nail polish are way better that Konad Top Coat. I hate Konad Top Coat. It made the design look dull and it have bubbles trapped.

    Wah~ this post is so long~~~~~ I think I should stop here.

    So yeah, officially, the makeup shopping ban ends. I'm gonna do something more realistic like fixing budget for makeup or something.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Pos Ekspres from Yana

    There are two things that make girls happy. One is chocolate, two is anything beauty related and I received both from Yana today. Thanks a lot Yana. I can't wait to try the mask, but I'm going to visit a friend tonight, so I guess I just nom the choco first la. Hehe.

    p/s: Just done manicure and konading for Erin, Jerry and Bella. Phew, that was fun!

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Aku no Hana

    [Aku no Hana is one of the song from my favourite band, BUCK TICK. I have major crush with the vocalist. At-chan~]

    Base Color: Elianto Nail Color #40 Twilight Zone
    Stamp Color: Konad Special Nail Polish White and The Face Shop Nail Color BR804
    Top Coat: Konad Top Coat
    Image Plate: Konad M51 and M57

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Ganguro Inspired Look for a Cause.

    FunnyFace Beauty hosting a challenge to raise fund for Japan. For each reader done a look inspired by Japan, $10 will be donated for Japan via Canadian Red Cross. For more information regarding the challenge, click here. I encourage everyone to join this challenge!

    I had done a ganguro look before, there's a lot to improve from previous look. This time, I manage to do better dramatic contouring for my nose. My lips also much paler from the previous ganguro look. The only thing is, I'm not that happy with the eyes. Somehow I end up with smokey eyes instead of the ganguro eyes. One more thing. I just spray enough hair spray to thin out the ozone layer instead of getting blonde wig. Enough rant. Pics pwease~

    Stereotyping gyaru pic with the "peace" sign XP

    For laugh and giggles. You can see how dark the foundation is. Oh ya, I skip concealer. So the foundation really kick-**s!
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