Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pepper is confused.


I stumble across this two website/blog from tracking back through my feedjit. I'm a little confused, what is the purpose of these type of website. This one, I see as sort of database for some specific type of topic. It gives blurb and link to any sources(blog) that related to the search query.

Another one, kinda similar with the one above, except that it publish the source material as though its own. One of it is my post. The original post is here. I feel like someone plagiarize my work.
Da website dat confuzed me

Mind you, anti-plagiarism is in my blood, years of writing reports makes me extremely aware of plagiarism. I hate it, I hate it when I accidentally did it. The first link I include in this post is okay. I still can accept that. But the second one, geez. Every single word and picture in the original post posted there. Even the admin put link to the original post at the end of the post, I'm still unhappy. Unhappy that every single words and pictures was copied without my knowledge. I seen tons of other bloggers post in this website. Those the bloggers aware someone using their material/post/picture? I'm not, until I track my blog referal site.

That's my stuff, every single words and pictures!

Would someone help me clarify the purpose of those websites? Is it just sort of "database" thingy that I don't have to worry a thing, or, it's a plagiarize work, so that they can get high traffic and get more money from ads. I don't know. I try to contact the admin regarding the issues, I find no email or anything. So I just left a comment, letting the admin know that I know my post has been copy pasta.

Bitchy mode on?


aisyah De Cullen said...

eehh..I don't get it either..=\
and the site doesn't have info on admin or on the 'about'..
hope somebody can help explain this..plagiarism sux. =S

Pepper said...

exactly, it all so shady, no contact information, I am so surprised to see how many bloggers posts were 're-posted' there until I ternganga. Yeah, plagiarism sucks

Anonymous said...

A lot of my posts end up mentioned on the first one, I search for certain words each day in Google, to find blogs to review/feature on my site, and one of those words is in the title of my page, so almost every day I see some posts of mine on he-r. It's exactly what you said about them wanting traffic without working for it. They build these sites that can run on autopilot, just a program searching around for content with certain keywords and then posting it, to get traffic and ad revenue.

I'm not too worried about he-r, because it just uses a small, really useless snippet, and the 'read more' link does point to my site, so I might get a visitor every so often, and the links might lead to me being ranked higher in Google (unless Google knows what kind of site it is, in which case they might ignore their links.)

The second case is disturbing. I would send an email asking them to take it down, followed very shortly later by cc'd emails I would write to all of their advertising partners informing them that their ads are being shown on a site with stolen content, hopefully in violation of the advertiser's terms of service, followed by DMCA takedown notices to them and their host (if they are in the United States, if not then I'm not sure what could be done under other legal systems.)

The main thing would be a report to Google that the site violates Google's TOS to be listed in their rankings (i.e. sites with little or no original, or stolen, content), which means they will be pulled and not show up in future search results. This applies no matter where in the world they are, and essentially kills the domain name for years, and in fact makes it almost impossible for them to sell the domain to anyone.

So, it's all in how you view it. A small snippet and a link that helps me out a little and I turn a blind eye to it. Steal huge chunks of my content and I'm going to do everything I can to cause you problems.

Here's a link to page that can better explain how to start reporting this to Google:

Best of luck with this :)

Pepper said...

Steven, thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it. I'll do as you suggested since I'm really not happy with the second website.

aisyah De Cullen said...

now that there's information on how to do it, go get em pepper! =D Good luck!

Pepper said...

Huhu, I just read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Blogger, and I find that "Please note that you will be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees)". Now that stops me from reporting to Google, at least for now. I'm gonna find another way to bring this to Google attention

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I understand the worry, so I won't argue for you to do something you feel uncomfortable with. But I would suggest more research on your part. Now would be a good time to ask your friends if any of them have friends, whose uncle is a lawyer who will give you an hour or two of free advice.

On the downside, I keep reading of bloggers who get sick of going through the process, with the faxing and such, because there are more and more of these sites appearing all the time. The more popular your blog gets, the more of these sites will start to target it, and it gets to be a chore. I started my little project 3 months ago, and that's about how many of these sites I've seen copying small snippets of my posts. I'm determined to fight a serious plagiarist, but maybe that's just because I haven't worn myself out yet on the three minor ones.

But look on the bright side: your words will bring a few people to that guy's site, but he can't keep them coming back as readers. Only people like you, who put a little something of themselves into their blog and develop a friendship with their readers can keep people coming back for more. If he copies this post to his blog, no one is going to stop and offer heartfelt advice good wishes to him. All he can get with your content is hits, and probably a dollar or two a day from the ads. No readers, and no friends.

If he gets X number hits today, that's what he will have next month, next year, however long he keeps it up. He will never fool anybody into coming back and looking at it a second time, no one will ever follow or bookmark his site. But your readership will keep growing year after year, because you're for real, and people can see that, they will come back to reread you again and again because of that, and they will tell their friends that, and that is success. Google's recommendation is nothing by comparison.

So, remember what your teachers used to tell you about how cheaters only cheat themselves. And keep your chin up, because really you've already won :)

Pepper said...

Oh Steven, your words really comforts me. It motivates me to fight against this injustice. As for now, there's not much I can do. That wouldn't not stop me from informing others. I'm planning to attract attention of other bloggers that had their work stolen. That would be my next step. It won't stop those opportunist, but I don't like the idea letting that person do as he want.

Luckily I had started watermarking pictures uploaded in this blog. At least, if this happened again (I bet it's going to) people would know that pictures is mine.

Jiyuu said...

Go, bebeh! Bitch Mode On.

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