Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: ELF Mineral Blemish Kit.

Reviews at E.L.F. website are mainly positive, while reviews from many blogs are mainly negative. I'm a little skeptic about E.L.F. Mineral Blemish Kit that I never really placed an order eventho I've been eye-ing this product for quite sometime.

I finally got the chance to try this product when I swap my wax kit with electronicfly. Coincidentally, the time when the Blemish Kit arrived was the time of the month. So I got few pimples than I can treat with the product to see if it works or not.
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I apply it once or twice a day by patting the powder on targeted area using concealer brush. According to the website, it described the product as sheer. I find it is not that sheer. So I limit the use before bed time or when I'm not going out.

It is best to apply the product little by little as it tend to mess up if you pick up to much using brush. The product have faint sulfur scent as sulfur is one of the main ingredients. I applied this product after moisturiser. Part of my skin where the powder applied felt a lil tight. I find this product does nothing to conceal blemishes eventho it categorised as concealer in ELF website.

7 Days Observations

Day 1 - I didn't see any immediate effect of the powder.
Day 2 - Pimple on my chin grow much larger than the day before. No much difference observed for pimples on my forehead.

Day 3 - Pimple on my chin was popped accidentally when I wash my face. I think the Blemish Kit help speed up the whole time taken for pimple to popped and heal.
Day 4 - Pimples on my forehead noticeably larger than in Day 2 and 3.

Day 5 - Pimples on my forehead pretty much gone. Pimple scar on my chin dried up and healing.
Day 7 - Pimples on my chin and forehead totally gone. Because I didn't picked the pimples, the scaring much lesser and by the time of writing is not noticeable.

After testing the product for weeks, I can say that this products really works for me. It takes about 7 days to reduce pimples. Prior to Blemish Kit, pimples would take about two weeks to be totally reduced.

Aside from that, I think this product helps me reduce the urge to pick my pimples. It helps me feel that I did something to treat the blemishes. The powder reduce shine (absorbs oil) thus helping drying the pimple up. Whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and cheeks dried up after few days of application and come out much easier from pores. Another thing that I noticed when I used this product is that, pores between my nose and cheeks appear smaller. Since it's not that sheer, I wouldn't put this on if I'm going out.

Would I recommend it? Not really, since I read quite a lot of negative review, I think it is better if you try sample first before buying full size product. ELF did not sale sample size of this product, but you can try find depotted samples online. Would I repurchase it? Well, I'd placed an order for full size product few days ago. So, yes.


I like to add something very interesting. I had stop using Everyday Mineral base and concealer as it make my pores clog like no tomorrow. Whenever clogged pores happen, my face will have weeks of pimples festival. Even with my Clinique 3-step skin care system, I have to wait days to weeks for the pimples festival to end. I find, by mixing the mineral blemish kit with Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 into paste and apply it to pimples and let it on overnight, all the pimples and bump will dried up or for the super large one, it will reduced significantly. Cool!


aisyah De Cullen said...

Glad it worked for you! =) Thank Goodness I seldom have to deal with pimples. I have the really excessive urge to scratch/touch/feel my pimples if it's there.
great tip there ^^

Aryn said...

Have you used the bare escutual bare minerals blemish one at all?

aryn at

Pepper said...

Aryn, I haven't tried bare minerals version, but from what I read, it have stronger sulfur scent to the powder.

Pepper said...

Aisyah, yeah, luckily I have this stuff to help with the clogged pores. Now I need to find gentle scrubber.

Dyna said...

Thank you so much .. I'm soooo getting it XD

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