Monday, November 29, 2010

Nature Republic Essential Tree Mask Sheet Bamboo

I can't really remember how much does it price, I believed it's RM 5.90. The mask is made in Korea and available in Malaysia in Nature Republic stores. I got mine from Nature Republic, The Spring, Kuching.

I love the packaging. Simple and attractive.

Back of the packet. Sorry for bad picture. The instruction comes in Korean and English language.

Basically this mask is infused with bamboo extract to protect against pollution and reduce stress. It also contains aloe vera extract, Althaea Rosea extract, elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid etc. This mask also contains two paraben derivatives.

The mask sheet is rather thick which means it hold more liquid. It's not irritating and feels soft on the face.

This face mask is almost perfect when it comes to fitting. It fits on my face nicely. The flaps for the eyes also is a very nice touch. The only thing that I would change is too have the nose flap a little larger so that it would cover my nose better. All in all, it's great. It doesn't slide off my face after I put in on, so I don't have to lie down when I want to use this mask.

Even tho I didn't put this mask inside fridge prior to application, it feels cool on my face. The 30 minutes during application is really calming. This mask soothes not only my skin, but also helps to relax my mind.

There a lot of formula left inside the packet (total of 23ml inside the packet). So I pat it on my face after I removed the mask.

The main reason I bought this mask was so that I could get Nature Republic paper bag. Why I want the paper bag? Because of smexy Rain. *giggle*
Rain paper bag.

Conclusion: The mask left my skin soft and supple after. I really enjoy this, so I'll definitely repurchase it again and again. Highly recommend.

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miss syukur said...

i see you've changed your background :) cantik. i seldom use face masks because they don't fit me nicely. prefer the ol skool type: tempek2 kat muka n then basuh..hehe

Pepper said...

hehe, ingat nanti nak try pulak mask bedak sejuk, tempek2...dgr good for oil control.

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