Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review and Comparison: ELF Essential, Studio and Mineral line brushes.

Regarding ELF brushes, they sheds very little except on rare cases (ELF Studio Smudge Brush). They're also easy to clean and doesn't need conditioning, even for my ELF brushes made with natural hair.Well, ELF known not too have good/no quality control, so some of my brushes ferrule are not well crimped. ELF Essential brushes seems to differ in different batches. While Studio brushes pretty much the same in different batches. Read my review on ELF Studio and Mineral brush set here and here.

Top-Left to right, Bottom- bottom to top: ELF Essential Eye Shadow Brush, ELF Studio Eyeshadow "C" brush, ELF Mineral All-Over Eyeshadow Brush.

All three brushes picks up product well. Works great for packing color and for all over lid application.
  • Essential: Softest, smallest and least dense of all 3 brushes. Made of natural hair.
  • Studio: Biggest and most dense. Made of taklon.
  • Mineral: My favourite, the size is just perfect me. Made of taklon. This one in particular picks up product very well. Too bad it stains easily.

Left to right: ELF Mineral Complexion Brush, ELF Studio Complexion Brush.

One of the most versatile brushes I ever had. This works great for pressed and loose powder products. I used this brushes to apply mineral foundation, face powder, blusher, bronzer and highlighter.
  • Mineral: Softest, shorter and denser. This brush more rounded.
  • Studio: Soft. Medium density. This brush is slightly tapered on the tip. It's longer and slightly bigger compared to Mineral brush.

Top-Left to right, Bottom- bottom to top: ELF Essential Blending Eye Brush, ELF Studio Contour Brush

Okay, I'm well aware that Studio Contour brush is more comparable to the Essential Eye Crease Brush. But I haven't got that brush yet, so I just compare it to my Essential Blending Eye Brush batch #00618. Both brushes works for applying eyeshadow on the crease.
  • Essential: Longer and softer. Flexible enough to be used for blending color. Well, it's a blending brush. LOL
  • Studio: much smaller and more precise. It's stiff, so can't really be used to blend two color.
Top-Left to right, Bottom- bottom to top: ELF Mineral Concealer Brush, ELF Studio Concealer Brush.

Both brushes made of taklon and stiff, which is good for concealer brush. Both works well with cream or powder concealer.
  • Mineral line concealer brush is longer, larger, denser and stiffer than Studio brush.
  • Studio brush on other is softer and more tapered.

Top-Left to right, Bottom- bottom to top: ELF Studio Small Angled Brush, ELF Mineral Eyeliner Brush

These two brushes works just the same even tho Mineral version bristles are longer. This brushes make eye-lining easier.


Dyna said...

thanks for this post - super helpful x

Pepper said...

You are welcome Dyna. Glad that it's helpful.

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