Friday, December 24, 2010

Review and Swatches: ELF Essential Lipstick (Classy, Gypsy, Seductive and Posh)

Boy, this lipsticks are pleasant surprise. 3.5g for $1, they really worth it. Typical of ELF Essential, this lipsticks packaging are cheap. It is light and kinda flimsy, but I love the clear plastic part of the lipstick tho. It have strong scent in tube, but the scent is very weak when applied. The lipstick are a bit hard. When I first received 'em, I have to glide it many times on my lips to apply it. It is easier to apply after you warm it up a bit. I guess, warming at the back of your hand would help soften it.

From left to right - Classy, Gypsy, Seductive and Posh

The texture is kinda creamy and I think it's a semi-matte lipstick since it have subtle sheen to it. It's not drying on my lips. The best thing, none of the lipstick I ordered are frosty. No glitter, no shimmer. Yay! I'm not sure how long lasting this lipstick is since I always reapply lipstick or lipgloss. Ok, this lipstick actually last quite long, I only need to reapply after meal. It didn't fade or feather after few hours. That is impressive considering that these lipstick only cost $1 each.

Clockwise - Gypsy, Posh, Seductive, Classy

The pigmentation of this lipstick are great. I find this lipsticks works great as lip stain or as sheer lipstick. If you layer the application, it would go semi-opaque. Basically, the color is buildable. Great huh!
  • Classy is nude pink, sort of lipstick version of Pink Kiss gloss except for the blue undertone.
  • Gypsy is light pink mauve.
  • Seductive is muted coral pink, sadly, Seductive broke at the base the first time I used it.
  • Posh is a very wearable red lipstick, it's more to maroon color.
Would I repurchase? If they got new color, a big YES! After all, it's only $1 each.

I found that these lipstick works great together with the ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine.

The swatches online are not accurate, so I would suggest finding more swatches pics from blogs and all. My description might not be accurate. The swatches picture may vary from different screens and lighting.

p/s: I'm going to JB this evening on Air Asia flight. Luckily, few days ago, I went to the website to double check my flights. Guess what? Typical of Air Asia standard, they change my flight schedule without informing me anything about it. Last time they did this, they call me to let me know. Not this time. So, boo~ to Air Asia. Anyway, for those flying to JB, Brunei, Sibu and Kuala Terengganu, there are no counter check in available from now on, so remember to check in via web, mobile or through the self check-in kiosk days or 2 hours before your flight, Air Asia won't be responsible if you couldn't check in because they don't have enough kiosk or its broken.

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