Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fraken-Wand and NOTD

Have I told you how crappy Maybelline Great Lash Mascara wand is? Very! It's tiny and it make your lashes clumps together. Eventho it is tiny, it's not that good for applying mascara on your lower lashes. I don't like it at all. So last nite, I found my old ancient tube of Avon mascara, I can't remember which one and it doesn't help that the mascara name faded from the tube. The Avon mascara wand is one of my favourite, nothing special, just that it works. So I clean it up and plan to use it to replace the Great Lash wand. The cap is too small for the mascara tube, time for major operation. So what it I did was, cutting the Great Lash wand of the cap and taped the Avon wand brush to it. Ta-da~

The Face Shop BR804
I love the length of my nails right, but it's too dangerous to keep that kind of length for long since I tend to hurt myself. Yes, I did scratched my necks, shoulder, legs and arms when my nails is too long.

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