Saturday, December 11, 2010

Randomness of The Day

Trying to do two type of blue smokey eye. gah phail big time. /facepalm.

Latest addition to my shoes collection. I need more flats, so I got these two. The one on the left is actually a broken size shoes, which mean for right leg its size 36, and for left leg its size 35, I add insole to even it out. Can't complain since it's only price RM20.

The black one is from Padini. It's priced RM 15 after after 70% discount. I used my RM10 rebate voucher. Basically I paid only RM5 for this shoes. I love year end sale.


miss syukur said...

huish..byknya berus baru..jeles i you..i love flats too.easy to chase my son around when we go anywhere..ZZZOOOMMMM!!!

Pepper said...

Hehe, ha'ah kak, banyak, tu yang kumpul brush2 yg tak guna or lama tak guna. Plan nak jual nanti.

Kejar, jgn tak kejar.

aisyah De Cullen said...

huaaa...both shoes are sooo cute! =D totally my taste too! hehe..
and i don't think the blue smokey is a fail at all! They look fine to me =)

Pepper said...

Cute right? not really my kind of shoes, but these two are just too cute and too inexpensive to ignore.

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