Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Sale

Hi everyone. I'm hosting another blog sale for two weeks before the end of June (that's when the college administration decides for us to leave the college). The money raised from this sale will be used to buy a sewing machine.
  • The sale open only to Malaysian as I'm only gonna send the stuffs to Malaysian address.
  • All stuffs are preloved, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Items colours in the picture may vary from the original due flash and lighting
  • Clothes, jewelery, cosmetics will be washed, cleaned or sterilized before being send.
  • Prices are fixed. Don't worry, the prices are all good deals. Prices not included postage.
  • Payment details will be forwarded once order were confirmed.
  • Payment to be made to my RHB account.
  • Item will post once payment complete (for IBG transfer, it may take few days to complete)
  • I'll send the stuffs on Thursday each week.
  • No return or refund policy. Please check item description.
  • Leave comment at this post for enquiry or reservation.
  • Buyer finalising their order are assumed to have read T&C on the first post
Postage (depending on type of item)
Poslaju (1st 500g) RM5-RM9
Pos Ekspress RM5 (depending on availability)

The Body Shop Facial Brush

ELF Essential Lipstick (Posh and Classy) Classy SOLD
RM4 each

ELF Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine Mauve Luxe (Depotted)

Avon Simply Pretty Shiny and Sheer Lipstick
Fruit Punch

ELF Essential Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner
Natural Blush

NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium

Sasa Smart White Regenerating Night Cream

ELF Essential Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed
RM 3

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
Combination to oily skin
About 85% left of 200ml
RM15 (Ori RM38)

Nature Republic Tropical Ocean Body Mist Coconut

Long Necklace
Length 27 inch

Pink Plastic Bangle

Hoop earrings
All for RM 3


Size compared to my hand
Leopard RM8 SOLD
Black RM5

Grey Hoodie
Shoulder 16 inch
Sleeve 24 inch
Length 24 inch

Green Halter Dress
Chest 24 inch
Length 36 inch (from chest)
Very stretchable

White Top
Chest 22 inch
Length 22 inch

Black Shirt
Shoulder 14 inch
Sleeve 18 inch
Chest 32 inch
Length 21 inch

Black Loli Dress
Shoulder 12 inch
Sleeve 4.5 inch
Chest 28 inch
Length 31 inch
Pink button. Stretchable material
RM 10

Green Cardigan
Shoulder 11 inch
Chest 24 inch
Sleeve 15 inch
Length 19inch
Stretchable material

Purple Mini Dress
Chest 28 inch
Lenght 3o inch
stretchable material, a lil discolouration

Golf Polo Club Black Heels
Size 6
2 inch

Vincci Heels.
Condition: Good, minor defects.
Size 5, heels about 4.5 inches.
Original Price RM 142, Selling for RM 100 included poslaju.
more pics

Nokia 1280
Used for 1 month, minor scratches.
Included battery and charger.
RM50 (Ori RM87)

Review: Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse

For swatch pictures of this product, click here.

I'd try to like to like this product, but I can't. It just doesn't work for me. To begin with, it have this too obvious white-cast that makes me look so grey, bet it would work better for those with fair skin. I'm so tanned that I think I'm around NC35 right now. I understand that this is due to its high SPF and PA value, so I thought, I can use this as sunscreen.

However, as sunscreen, this product doesn't cut it for crazy humid weather and people who sweat a lot like me. This product literally melt away from my face and that really defeat its purpose and makeup base and sunscreen.

I really wish that it works for me because of it light mousse texture. It might work for those who in air-conditioned room most of the time, or those living in colder weather. It bummed me that this amazing product doesn't work for me. It gotta be amazing to have a special collection consist mainly of it. D*mn you sweaty face!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: The Max Bold Curves Marcara by RIMMEL

Product Description:
Be bold. Be beautiful, with lashes that boast exponential volume and lift … instantly! Giving you the most incredible curves… Rimmel introduces The Max Bold Curves Mascara with its biggest curvaceous brush ever! The lashes are pumped up and lifted to new heights: up to 70% more lift and up to 14 times more volume.

The proprietary formula, enriched with collagen and keratin is paired with Rimmel's most curvaceous brush ever. Together they take lashes to stunning new extremes of volume and curve. Lashes are BIG, fat, boldly lifted – and completely free of clumps, of course.

The Max mascara packaging is reinterpreted in eye-catching green with pink printing for The Max Bold Curves Mascara. Like a magic wand that works eye-opening wonders in a few strokes.

The bright green and pink packaging reminds me a lot of Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline. However, the product performance is way~ better than Great Lash. The packaging is typical tube of mascara, nothing fancy except for the bright green tube and neon pink print. There are 8ml of product inside and its suggested retail price is RM35.90.
The brush is typical bristles and curved wands. The wand of this mascara did a great job separating and lifting lashes. The formula is non-waterproof and drier compared to most of the mascaras I tried before. Because it is non-waterproof, it is easy to clean up smudges and easy to remove, you don't need oil based makeup remover. It would be a nightmare tho if end up caught in a rainy weather.

Even tho this is a volumizing mascara, it takes about 3 - 4 layers because you can see much volumizing. But the lashes lifted significantly, even without using eyelash curler.

 (Left: With mascara; Right: Without mascara)

I think this mascara did good job on making my lash look fluttery and fuller. As you can see in the pic, my lashes with mascara looks more obvious and the curl is quite high. I love the wispy ends, but this usually gone if more that 3 coats applied.
Funny enough, this mascara did better job lengthening than volumizing. I think this mascara can be improve by making it more volumizing and waterproof version will be very much appreciated.

For more review regarding this product, click here.

Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Montagne Jenesse White Chocolate Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque

Noticed that horrible small army of acnes on my face? Especially around the cheek area. Well, that makes me the perfect hamster to test ultra deep cleansing mask.

Product Description:
The creamy chocolate face mask comes with cocoa butter and cream. It has ultra deep cleansing properties that draws out impurities and soothes sensitive skin. Luxurious and packed with mud, this face mask will leave your skin feeling pure, nourished, and refreshed.

This mask contains kaolin and bentonite natural clay that are the main ingredient of basically all facial mud mask, which is great for oily skin as it absorbs the sebum leaving skin matte. IMO, by absorbing sebum, I think it would help calming skin irritated with acne. There are also Shea butter, cocoa seed butter, almond oil, carrot seed oil, glycerin, jojoba oil and vitamin E that I think would help moisturise skin. These ingredients I believe is the reason why this mask leave slightly slick feel to the skin after rinsing it off. Aside from that, true to it's name, this mask contains ingredients that are used to make white chocolate.

The packaging of this product scream quirkiness with face covered with mask and eye covered with leaves and chocolate. This definitely makes it stands out on the shelf. But what I really want to highlight is the tiny pre-cut part of the packaging that makes it super easy to open. Most of this type of packaging have small indent that show where your should tear and you try and you end up biting it off like how you remove lollipop wrapper when you're kid.

There are tons of product in the package, well, 17g actually. But these 17g easily stretch to up to 4 uses. I transfer the clay to vacuum pump bottle and keep it in room temperature. I used it for four different days. I noticed no change to the product texture (it's still muddy) and smell (well, it smells like cheap chocolate). So, what does this mean? Value for money! Suggested retail price for this product is RM5.90. This equals to RM1.475 per usage. Cool.

I spread this mask on clean face using my index finger focusing on cheek area and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. While drying, I can feel my face become very stiff and when it finally dry (20 minutes later), I do all silly facial expressions. It's satisfying to see the mud mask cracked and peel of my skin. This mask easily rinse off with water. Before this mention this product leave slightly slick feel to the skin after rinsing it off, but funny enough, my skin feels a bit dry. Could be that the mask wicks off the sebum on my skin, including the good one that makes my skin moisturised.

After using it for four times, I noticed my acne appear to be less irritated and less red. I shouldn't do this, but I noticed pimples popped easily and whiteheads easily extracted after using the mask. But really, I should stop doing all that as it might leave scarring and worse acne. I think with longer use of this product, it could help improve my skin condition.

To read other review of this product, click here.

Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.

Review: Playboy Women Deodorant Spray

Playboy always reminds me of my boyfriend, not that he have collection of Playboy magazine hidden under his bed, it is that he used to wear Playboy Deodorant Mens Spray Hollywood. I love its warm fresh smell. It smell very nice for a deodorant spray.

So when given a chance to review the latest Playboy deodorant spray for women, I jumped on board hoping it would be as good as the men version.
Product Description:
Play It Lovely
Perfect for daytime flirtation, Play It Lovely evokes a sweet and playful innocence that is guaranteed to enchant. This light, easy-to-wear fragrance opens with a mouth-watering blend of zesty citrus, ripe blackberry and juicy pear that uplifts and delights. The heart is built around an exquisite bouquet of cherry baby orchid, belle de nuit and tuberose, which exudes modern femininity. As the fragrance settles, the delicate floral notes give way to a warm and sensual base of amber, patchouli and tonka bean. Simply "lovely"?

Being Pepper, I'm a sucker for men fragrances. My all time favourite perfume is Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet for Men, and my current daily perfume is CK Euphoria Intense for Men. Well, I have a bottle of women perfume, but that easily pass as unisex perfume. So yeah, a full blown floral women fragrances is not my kind of stuff.

With all that being said, and with the description of Playboy Women Deodorant Spray Play It Lovely listed floral notes as it middle note, I would naturally avoid this fragrance. But boy, I'm glad to be given a chance to review this product

The spray starts of with typical scent of aerosol product that dissipates in an instants. The parfum spray kick of with fresh scents that distinctively citrus and fruity, just like the product description. This is followed by light floral notes. Tho the floral supposed to be the middle notes, it was pretty brief for middle note and overpowered by the sweet base note. I love sweet base note and base note in this deodorant spray last pretty long.

The sillage of this spray is moderate and the scent last for about 3 hours. That is not bad considering that it's only deodorant spray. Ah~ Talking about deodorant, I don't really think this would be enough for humid warm weather. So, I would use this mainly as perfume spray.

Considering it's overall scents, it easily falls to daily daytime fragrance category as it is light and fun.

Regarding packaging, I love the design! How the Playboy icon located tastefully on the can, the overall color scheme pretty much gives you a hint how the spray the smells like, and the cap actually cap on tight but easy enough to remove. The spray nozzle is typical nozzle that works just fine. I dunno about you guys, but at times, I found some spray nozzle is so hard to press, that when you finally managed to press it, you end up spraying too much.

Suggested retail price for this product is RM 16.90 for 150ml. I think that's a good value as this spray actually smells nice and last pretty long. There are two other variation for this deodorant spray, namely Play It Sexy and Play It Spicy. To read more reviews of this product, click here.

Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue with Chunky Glitter

I messed up with this one since I tried to get more chunky glitter on and I end up with mile thick nail polish. Since it gonna takes forever to dry and I need to start packing up for Bako trip, I'd removed it immediately after the picture taken.

Nail polishes was given by Aisyah, thanks :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I cut my own hair last week, mainly because I was bored. It's a disaster, but easily covered up. Note to self: go to saloon instead next time.
For this look, I used Stage Photo Pro Foundation in 08 take 7. That's the second darkest from Photo Pro line, but it's a tad light on my skin. Gosh, I tanned so much.
I hardly brought eyeshadow that low under my eye, because I'm scared it would overwhelmed my small eyes. But it seems to work in the pics.

p/s: Sorry that I hardly reply comments the past weeks. It's been hectic with trip to Bako and stuff. It get worse with my netbook caught virus and practically useless at the moment. Luckily, I had my files back up-ed earlier.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good News! No more travel post in Flecks.

Looking at the analytics and feedjit of this blog, I noticed that my travels post is not as popular as the usual beauty related. Duh?! Pepper, of course! It's beauty blog, not travel blog. So, to keep things organized. I'm gonna move all travel post to my new blog dedicated from trips and travels.

Review: The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfurmed Eye Gel

Wondering what elderflower is, after some Google-ing, I learn that it is a type of shrub that is native to Europe used as medicinal plant to treat fever, flu, relief congestion and inflammation remedy. I'm still not sure how elderflower works to benefit the eye area.

I bought this last February, mainly because I was bitten with 'eye gel' bug. This product in particular is relatively inexpensive compared to many eye gel/cream available in the market. This product claim to Cools, soothes and refreshes. It is advised to gently pat around eye area as needed. However, avoid direct contact with eyes, because it stings!

I used it as eye gel religiously 2 times a day for the first few weeks, after that, the 'eye gel' bug wear off and I end up using this to make aspirin mask. For the first few times using this product, I'm always end up in awe looking at how this gel plump up the skin on the under eye area, making the fine lines less noticeable. After some time, I'm no longer impressed as the effect is really temporary and I suspect it is simply for hydration provided by the product gel texture. I find using Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Lotion is good enough to provide enough hydration/moisturization.

I have no idea why, companies like to market their eye gel in jar instead of hygienic pump bottle or squeeze tube. Jar container is pretty unhygienic, it is advised to finish this product up within 6 months after opening.

In general, any type of eye gel no longer appeal to me. I see it as the evil way of companies making money, by making you think it is necessary to buy more products. Another thing that turn me off with this product is the fact that it looks, feels and works just like the super inexpensive after sun aloe vera gel. Imagine how bad I feel when I noticed that. I feel so stupid letting myself being ripped off for something like that! Take note that this is my personal opinion, I take it all in the positive way, as a way of learning to become more educated consumer.

Price : RM26 for 15ml
Made in UK
Ingredients: Water, Hamamelis Virgiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate, Sambucus Nigra (Elderflower) Water, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Triethanolamine (pH balancer), Carbomer, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Denatonium Benzoate.

p/s: Once I asked the Clinique SA whether it is ok if I use the Moisture Surge under my eye. She said not and recommend me to try the All About Eyes cream. That is the moment when 'eye gel' bug bit me. I'd tried using Moisture Surge under my eyes and it is all fine. As long as it doesn't cause milia, I'm ok. Thinking back, I shouldn't ask the question to the SA. Of course she said no because it is what she trained to say by the company and of course, more products sold, means more commission for her.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

April Favourite

This months favourite I think one with with the most new stuffs. April is the month when I learn that less is more in skin care. I found myself to be much more educated on skin care products compared to last year. Well, that deserved a separate post, so lets focus on last month favourites.
Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier and The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion - These two are my must have to calm down raging bumpy acne. I used the clay mask first and after rinsing it, I apply the TBS lotion. I can actually see the acne bumps slightly reduced and appeared less red/irritated. The clay mask is given to me by Yana, thanks :)

Hada Labo SHA Moisturising Lotion and Cleanser - After using Hada Labo range, I noticed my skin stop having new pimples! The SHA lotion is moisturising enough that I don't need to used another product for moisturisation. The cleanser on the other hand is awesome as it is free of SLS and non-drying. Hooray!

Stage Eyeliner in Teal Theater - A very good eyeliner! Pretty color and nice texture, but at times I find it transfer to my lid, gah!!! oily lids and humid weather!

Simply Pretty Long Lash Waterproof Mascara - I love this mascara because it elongates the lashes with fluttery wispy ends.

Daiso Eyeliner Coat - Since my eyelids is very oily, I used this to make sure my eyeliner didn't smudge.

Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm in Strawberry and Peach - I love love love this lipbalm. Smells yummy and works fantastic! The Strawberry lipbalm have noticeable pretty tint to while Peach is not noticeable except for softer lips.

Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage Concealer in Ginger 07 - I love that Stage Cosmetics cater for those with strong yellow undertone.

Guardian After Sun Aloe Vera Gel - It's cheap and it works! This helps soothes my skin after long day under the hot sun during the KK trip. My skin didn't flakes at all!

Fruit of the Earth Block Up! with SPF30 and Aloe Vera - I hate this sunscreen smell, but I like that it is water-resistant. I used this mainly when I was snorkeling. I didn't have any sunburn on my skin that I slap on the sunscreen with. But small patch of my back was sunburnt because I didn't put on sunscreen. I thought my shirt covered it, but it was lifted through out the time when I'm snorkeling and I didn't noticed it.

Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF 28 PA++ - For daily use, I used this sunscreen as it is non sticky. It have this nice powdery feel once it dried. I love the light texture and light scent.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50 PA+++ - Together with the Fruit of the Earth sunscreen, this helps me keep ugly sunburn away. Even tho I spent alot of time under hot sun during KK trip, I manage to prevent sunburn (except for my back) and left with quite lovely tanned skin.
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