Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review and Swatches: NYX Round Lipstick Review

I take all picture in this post ages ago. I thought I deleted it cos I couldn't find it in my picture folder, turn out it was in my video folder *bimbo moment*.So yeah, the reason I got these lipstick are #1 the rave in YouTube and blogs #2 dirt cheap price #3 ready stock available in LYN. I bought it around RM10 or so per tube.

So I got 3 lipsticks, namely Darling, Rose Bud and Miracle. The packaging is small and cute. Kinda like it since most of my lipstick in silver tube, while this one in black tube. It have this weird funky smell, I don't know what is smell like, but for sure I don't like it at all.

I was curious what is at the bottom of the lipstick tube, it turned out to be some sort of rubbery gel, feel nice to squeeze you know. I'm kinda impressed on how accurate the color of the gel to the lipstick. Cute stuff.

I'm not that good with describing color, but I can tell you that Darling and Rose Bud are frosty lipsticks. Arggh, I hate frosty lipstick. I hope the swatches picture helps.

Anyhoo, the lipstick have creamy consistency, too creamy for me that it settle into fine line, easily rub off and very hard to pull off. I don't understand all the rave about these lipstick. Maybe it is just not my tube of lipstick.

Maybe the shades that I got is not the good one, but I'm not taking any risk, so...

Would I repurchase? No way. I find better alternatives to cheap lipstick that works better.
Would I recommend? If you like to experiments with color, yes, this lipstick have tons of different shades with different finishes. Who know this liptick might work for you.


miss syukur said...

i think miracle looks nice on your lips from the swatch. btw, have a safe trip to jb ok.

Pepper said...

Thanks kak, I'll be careful, hehe.

I like Miracle shade, but the lipstick formulation is such a big turn off, I'm not willing to tolerate such lipstick.

aisyah De Cullen said...

maybe its the formula...I hate frosty lipsticks too!!! They look ghastly...especially combined with our kind of skintones.. =(
Miracle does looks nice on you..! Maybe you could moisturized or scrub your lips first before applying so that it doesn't settle into fine lines? I personally loved mine =) with a lip gloss on top.
ehh, going to JB? have a safe trip!=)

Pepper said...

Yeah, I still have Miracle, maybe I should try it again, hoping miracle will intended. I hope I could tolerate the smell next time around.

Yeah, I'm going JB for this Christmas holiday. Thanks.

Dyna said...

hey pepper I made a post about the lippies I have and most of them are matte because I hate shimmer or frosty lippies. Check it out here:

ladyhaly said...

You should try them in Tea Rose. It's the perfect natural rose pink color. If you want something a bit brighter pink but not TOO bright or too pink, try them in Fig. Other famous colors for these are in Thalia, Pumpkin Pie, and Elektra (yellow-based bright red for people with warm skin tones). All of the shades I mentioned are matte as I hate frost or shimmer of any kind in lipstick.

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