Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream

Product Description:
It contains natural Vitamin E. Non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.


•Enhances the skin elasticity which tones and smoothes out fine wrinkle.
•Soothes and refreshes dry, irritated skin.
•Protects skin against sun and wind.
•Moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.
•Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.
•Helps retain and enhance skin moisture balance.

(RSP: RM14.90)

I was glad to have Yuberactive sending this product for reviewing purpose as I'm in love with the Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam sent previously. To read others review regarding this product, click here.

 The product sent for reviewing weight 28.3 gram and priced RM14.90. Considering on the fact I didn't actually need to used a lot for it to works, this product definitely is a great buy (pppstttt, I'm considering getting a backup soon!).

It comes in jar packaging with screw on lid. However, Organic Aid product seems to be a bit lacking in packaging department. When I first received the product, I noticed some of it leaking to the screw top, and the white cap is a little too flimsy. Since the cream consistency is not that thick, a vacuum pump packaging would work better.
Regarding consistency, this product is quite thick, however not so slippery. The first few time using it, I always end up using too much as this product does not have much slip. After some time, I figured out that the best way to use it is by rubbing tiny amount on my palm and pat in on. It absorbed quickly to non-greasy texture that it feels that my skin almost matte.

One of the immediate effect, like after few hours applying this cream is that, I noticed my skin looks plumper, like raisins soaked in water for too long. Hehe, okay, I might exaggerate a bit, but it does look plumper. It does great moisturizing the skin. However, since I have acne prone/oily skin skin, this moisturizer is a little too emollient for me. Using it during the day would make my face a little oily at the end of the day, so I reserved for night time usage.

I find this moisturizer is great as it is gentle, not much of noticeable scent and light. The last vitamin E facial cream that I used have strong smell and unbearably thick and greasy. Most importantly, this product does not cause break out! Hooray!

So yeah, it works, it's inexpensive and it's easily available. Definitely a keeper in my skin care routine :)

The product was sent for reviewing purpose by Yuberactive, this however does not affect my view of the product.

Review: MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner

Product Description:
The new MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner is a modern day eye liner with an edge; incorporating the easy application of an eye pencil and the smooth and lasting effects of a liquid eye liner. You can effortlessly create any number of looks from the striking shades of Lilac, green, purple, silver, brown and black, whether you’re going for something simple, exaggerated or bold.

As one of the items in the MAX FACTOR Eye Effects Collection, the MAX FACTOR Liquid Eye Effect Pencil Eye Liner will be available in store from July 2011.

(RSP: RM38)

I was given a chance to review this eyeliner from Max Factor by Yuberactive. To read others review regarding this product, click here.

Yuberactive sent me the eyeliner in Violet Voltage, a lovely purple shade. At first, I was excited by the product's name 'Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner'. I was expecting a pencil eyeliner with opaque and crisp application of liquid eyeliner, but I should now better not to expect too much.
As you can see from the swatch above, the eyeliner is not really opaque even after few layers. The thickest line is the eyeliner smudged with the smudger tip, but it works more like an eraser than a smudger. I think could be because the smudger made of rubbery material instead of something spongy. 

Applying the eyeliner on my lid can be a frustrating business, no matter what I did, it won't apply evenly. Apply it thinly, it looks too sheer. Apply it moderately, it looks uneven. Apply it thickly, it starts to clumps. Yes, the liner become sort of concentrated to some area if it applies in thicker layer. So I gave up and accept the fact in won't applied even on the lid.

How long lasting is it? Well, on my oily lids, it's pretty good. It could last for more than 4-5 hours on good weather, but it will transfer or smudge after 3 hours. Eye primer or eyeliner coat helps minimised the problem.

On hot weather, it smudged badly and at one occasion, the eyeliner color actually bleed, making me look like abuse victim (or like Ashley said, 'eye lid surgery went bad'). LOL. The violet color seeps to the crease and the eyeliner left with black-blue color.

Overall, for me, this eyeliner is just decent. I think it would work better for those with normal or dry lid, and less hot and humid weather could also helps. I keep this eyeliner for daily used and for special occasion, I stick with cream eyeliner.

The product was sent for reviewing purpose by Yuberactive, this however does not affect my view of the product.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's ready to open

My handmade items online shop is ready to open!!!!!!!! Err, wait, I forgot to include banking, postage and etc details *back to editting*

*few minutes later*

Wait ah~~~ need to edit some more (I should be asleep now, gonna OT tomorrow).

*few hours later*

The internet connection was not good at all after midnight, it was so slow I think garden snails are faster. Hehe.

Anyway, the shop is ready :) Feel free to come and visit. At the moment, I have added three collections, a bunch of brush rolls made from reused fabrics and miscellaneous pouches.

here the 2 collections, Clara and Mabushi~~~ I'd recently made and all ready for sale at the link above.

p/s: LOL, today is Saturday, which means that I open the store a day early.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy at the moment...

because I'm setting up an online shop for my handmades!!!! Yay! I try to make as much stuffs as possible before the shop open by the end of this week (hopefully). I hope to open it latest by Sunday.

Initially, the plan is to use Blogger as the platform, but I find Facebook is better as it allow better network and and easier editing. I iz essaited XD

Be back soon with proper blogging as I got some stuffs to review.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New fringe

As I mentioned in my quick update, I went to JB last week and while I was there, I have my fringe cut at the saloon instead of cutting it myself. Last DIY was a disaster, so no more hair DIY :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sewing Project Update.

This is so not makeup related, but I still want to post it here. :D

So let's start with recently mentioned project of reusing material from pink kebaya.

I made two awesome-ly pink brush rolls.

Some cute wristlets. for the plainer fabric, I include the kebaya embroidery.

Larger zippered pouches.

A larger bag. This one takes forever to be done since it was my first time doing large zippered bag with lining. It's quite hard considering I used my own measurements and have no instruction to follow. But it turn out well I made more bags.

This one is not strictly made of the kebaya fabric, but I hand sewn the kebaya embroidery to the fabric. I skip zipper for this one since it look so pretty this simple.

Okay, I admit, I'm addicted with making bags.

The latest patchwork done and transform into a tiny bag.

This sling bag is latest project done. Again, using my own measurement and no instruction to follow, it's not as neat as I want it to to be. But great experience.

Long time no camwhoring!

It's been quite some time since I put this much of makeup.

The inspiration for the makeup look is from my bf. He complained that my 80s look is too weird, he said he don't mind thick makeup, but nothing too crazy. I say he just don't understand makeup XD

My cheeks looks pretty okay in this pic. Without makeup it's full of reddish acne stains/scars, so kudos to Stage Photo Pro foundation and concealer. While doing this look, I learn that, it is best to apply thin layers of concealer and foundation if high coverage needed. It looks more polished and it covers better.

Another thing, Wayne Goss is right! Apply the blusher not directly on the apple of the cheek, but closer to the cheekbone and blusher never look so good on me. And pat the powder on, don't just brush it on. gossmakeupartist is really a genius!

Below is the close up for the eye. I used ELF Nymph Dream Quad eyeshadow.

I like to do another look, an 80s look actually, but I have to start packing. My flight to KK is only few hours away and I haven't go to sleep yet. So yeah, no sleep tonight.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Update

So yeah, I was away at JB for 5 days and when I'm finally home, I was, wait, I'm still busy with sewing during my free time, thus, the lack of new posts for this blog.

As mentioned, I'm busy sewing. I bought a lot of sewing materials while I was at JB which was largely sponsored by my bf mum (I seriously think she pampered me way too much). Lots of new fabrics and stuffs. Current project was recycling beautiful fabric from kebaya that I don't wear any longer. Almost done with project, maybe I should call the collective outcome as 'The Pink Kebaya Collection'. LOL. That sounds misleading.

I think most of this blog frequent reader aware of the acne problem I'm facing for the past few months. I was considering of trying out treatment taken orally such antibiotic or contraceptive, but I decided to start with something less drastic, which is dietary supplement. I started taking cod liver oil and GNC Women's Ultra Mega Dietary Supplement. I was totally impressed on how much the acne problem improved. The pimples are reducing, less bumps on my cheeks and a lot of the acne are healing well. I hope within a couple of months, my skin would be good again.

Next Monday, I would be off to KK and on Sunday I'll be going to the Rainforest World Music Festival. It would be the fourth year joining the festival. Anyone going to the festival on Sunday? Maybe we can meet up after the workshops :)
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