Sunday, December 26, 2010

L.A. Colors Lipstick (Cranberry Red, Jazzy Red and Lucious Wine) Swatches

From left to right: Cranberry Red, Jazzy Red, Lucious Wine

For an inexpensive lipstick, L.A. Colors lipsticks are actually good. The seller that I bought these lipsticks from even says that these lipsticks are comparable to MAC's. I don't have a single MAC lipstick, so I'm not really sure about that.

IMHO, these lipstick texture way better than NYX round lipstick. It have this particular scent, like how lipsticks used to smell ages ago. 'Ages ago' I mean when I used to play with my mum's lipsticks when I was small.

I find L.A. Colors lipstick to be very pigmented. However, it is a lil drying on my lips. I never wear this lipsticks out, so I don't know how long-lasting this lipsticks are.

The swatches online are not accurate at all, that explains why I have 3 red lipstick that's rather similar.
From top to bottom: Cranberry Red, Jazzy Red, Lucious Wine

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