Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tutorial: Luxe

Hi, this is more to 'How I put my makeup on' more than a tutorial. I do this for all the laughs and giggles.
1) Apply ELF Essential Eyelid primer and blend.
2)Using ELF Essential Eyeshadow Brush, apply 'A' in Luxe quad 2/3 from eyes inner corner.
3)Using the same brush in step 2, apply 'B' 1/3 from eyes outer corner. Blend 'B' into 'A' using ELF Blending Eye Brush.
4) Using ELF Blending Eye Brush, apply 'C' in the outer corner and blend into crease.
5) Apply 'D' using ELF Blending Eye Brush on crease and blend to brow bone

Finally, apply eyeliner, mascara or/and false lashes. In the picture below, I put on 3 pieces of ELF Individual Lash Kit on the outer corner. I love how natural looking the lashes are, it can be trim for customization. It a lot more comfortable than strip lashes.

I actually enjoy preparing the pictures for this post. I don't have Adobe Photoshop or some special softwares, so I just use Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Powerpoint.


aisyah De Cullen said...

Nicee~~ =) That look pretty simple to follow..^^
Oh yeah, you might wanna try downloading Photoscape! It's so simple to use..=) Just goggle it.

Pepper said...

Yeah, it's actually simple eye look, but I slap my forehead everytime I remember how long does it takes me to nail this look. LOL, I'm just unsure of the color placement.

I'll try Photoscape soon.

aisyah De Cullen said...

I have problems in color placement too..That's why I'm much more comfortable donning just eyeliner..XD but eyeshadows are fun to play with! =D

I heard Photoscape is a much simpler and user friendly version of photoshop. Honestly, I've never got the hang of photoshop. Btw, I used photoscape to edit the pictures in my yeah..I think it's pretty good =)

Pepper said...

Photoscape is da bomb! It is so neat and smooth. Thanks for recommending. Loving it already

Hollie said...

hi there,
I just noticed this post.
You can also check out my version for a tutorial using Elf Luxe as well.

I also used it on a friend for a party last year.

let me know what you think.

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