Monday, November 28, 2011


The ribbon was made from old jeans and bits of scraps from deconstructed dress. Hand-sewn and attached to a headband.

Saving Harlie

Harlie is a stray rescued by Dani. She had undergo amputation and c-section surgery to save her. The bill piled up to RM1000 and Dani needs donations by others to help settle Harlie bill. To read more about Harlie, visit this blog

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jeans and Cotton

 A pair of old jeans + A metre of cotton fabric + some laces from old jacket
A new dress
This dress is kinda tricky since I'm working with limited amount of starting material. Was inspired by this Dorothy Perkins dress

Friday, November 25, 2011

Part 1: Making a bag - Choco.

I was given a small piece of leopard print fabric. At first, I was thinking of using it to make hair accessories. After going through my fabric scraps, I decided to use the leopard print as a bag accent.

The awesome bias tape maker! Click here to find out more. The tape done here used to finish up the edges and double up as the bag accent.

The flap and the main body of the bag.

Quilting the main body.

Pinning the flap on to see the general shape.

Line the main body with polka dot fabric and slide in a piece of plastic to make the base firmer

With the sides of the bag and tape sewn on.

The bag is not done yet at this stage. Buttons and more tape will be added on later stage and shoulder strap added.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

When you can't sleep at night, make a circle skirt.

Lately, I'm a lil nocturnal, won't be able to sleep at night and the earliest I could go to bed is aroung 3.30am, which is really bad. Hope it would be going away soon.

One instance of the nocturnal hours was spent making a circle skirt. A simple project that somehow require more patience compared to the more complex project.

Sewing the skirt hem feels like forever because it is so long. Kinda tricky because of the hem is from circle pattern.

I worn the circle skirt with a self-made petticoat. I'm pretty pleased with it that I made another one in purple.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspired by Topshop, a dress with Asian touch.

Fuuuwaah! The title so poyo. LOL. Anyway, few weeks ago, my friend shown a picture of a skater dress from Topshop. It ignites my sewing frenzy again.

Below is the dress

And with this,

it becomes this
The one I made using batik based on the design above.

Dyeing Frenzy!

My old favourite jean keeps fading and fading till it become almost white. I decided to give it a bit lift up by dyeing it with color.

My friend choose this nice turqoiuse. I didn't follow the instruction word by word since I don't have a stove in the apartment. So I end up using about 5-6 litres of hot water, add some salt, dye and good stir for 30 minutes.
Bucket of dye.

I decided to throw this shirt as well since it need some color too.

The faded jeans.

Note: If you want to this, DO NOT dye nice clothes. Reserve this activity for clothes that you don't really care. Dyeing like this produce really random outcome.

The shirt after dyeing

The jeans after dying.

The colour turns out well for the jeans and the shirt. There are few patches of uneven color. But this is due to tough stains on the fabric. The color is actually more vibrant than this, but the camera flash wash it out.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Waste not, want not

I have this lovely baju kurung that I wore during my convocation more than two years ago. However, since baju kurung usually is limited to certain occasion, it rarely spent its time outside the closet.

Luckily, I learn how to make a dress quite recently and decided to modify the baju kurung to a more wearable dress. It's kinda tricky since I have to work with fabric cut to a baju kurung. Nevertheless, the project work and dress is awesome. It spent more time outside the closet! It's a fitted dress with pleated skirt, boat neck and long sleeve. The sleeve includes a closure for better fit at the wrist.

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