Friday, December 10, 2010

Prettia Bubble Hair Dye Sweet Pink

I'm always curious with the concept of dye-ing hair using foam. The idea is that, if your shampoo foams can clean your hair thoroughly, then dye in foams will cover your hair thoroughly too. So I got mine from JPstylez LYN sale thread. It arrived yesterday in a very neat packaging. The dye box wrapped in bubble wrap, and wrapped again with packaging paper. They also include business card with the box. The dye comes with instruction manual in Japanese. I could only makes sense of few words, but the illustration is really easy to understand. Better safe than sorry, I google for instruction, review and video related to this dye. Internet, very useful.

So, I follow the instruction, pour coloring agent in bottle 1 into bottle 2. Invert bottle 10 times to mix well, changed cap into foaming cap. Change to old shirt, apply Vaseline to my hair line, ear, back of my ear, etc. Comb my hair. Put on glove, squeeze bottle 2, apply the foam to hair, keep massaging the foam into my hair. After 30 minutes, wash my hair using my own shampoo. Apply my own conditioner after I rinsed the shampoo, wait for 5-8 minutes, rinse conditioner. Towel dry hair, apply leave in conditioner that come together with the dye, apply generously. Let me hair air dry. Walla~ Well, I make the video below in case you want to see how I apply it. *Beautiful dreamer~~*

Regarding application, it is so easy! Years ago, I dyed my hair using DIY dye in cream form. Heck, it's a nightmare. Period. Prettia on the other hand very easy to use. The foam makes even application by yourself possible. It have strong ammonia smell, so remember to dye in well ventilated area. It stings a lil, very minor compared to my previous experience with DIY dye.
The dye foam changed into pink color from white, as time goes.

Contrary to the instruction manual, I apply the dye from the bottom of my hair to the root. I continuously massage the dye to my hair, focusing less on the hair root. I think that helps even out the application. After I washed my hair, I find root of my hair to be lighter than the rest. From my research, it gonna even out in 2-3 days.
The result is actually not bad for DIY dye. It come out as dark brown with red tone. Just like the result of henna. I used to henna my hair when I was children. The color looks similar except with Prettia, there are no stinking smell of henna (ammonia instead), shorter application time, 30 minutes instead of overnight, stains on my skin easily removed, while with henna, it gonna stay for days.
I used more than enough dye during application and I still have a lot of leftover. The stains on my skin and on my curtain easily removed using water.

I'm pleased with the result. The dye is not damaging to my hair at all! The leave in conditioner is damn good. Did they sell separately? I like it. Actually, after using the dye, my hair feels softer.

Would I repurchase? After 3 months or longer, yes.
Would I recommend? Oh yeah, there are variety of shades available, you bound to find one that you like.

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