Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review and Swatches: ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 (Candlelight, Honey Do, Mauve Luxe, Pink Kiss and Watermelon)

Everybody have their own preferences when it come to lipgloss. Some would like it to be thick and sticky, while others might want it light and non-tacky. Some like it with scent, others might not. I like my lipgloss to be scent-less, moisturising, tinted, a bit thick and somewhat sticky. ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine are everything I want it to be except for the strong scent. I like how it taste tho. Hehe.

This product come in squeeze tube topped with slanted plastick applicator. The applicator need some getting used to, after that, it work great. I like the applicator since it is much easier to clean it up compared to sponge tip. To apply above lipstick, you might want to use lip brush. I think the packaging is very practical with no nonsense.

This glosses are smooth and easy to apply. I love how glossy and moisturing this glosses are. It improved my dry lips condition the first time I put it on. I only reapply it after meal, if not, it could last all day long. I not really fond of the smell but I can stand it since I love this glosses too much.

There are 10g product in the tube and that's a steal considering it was priced $1. I love it so much that I bought more for my mum and my sisters. They seems to love it too. I found out that the batch of this glosses no longer comes with SPF 15, boo~

From top to bottom:
Watermelon, Pink Kiss, Mauve Luxe, Honey Do and Candlelight.

  • Honey Do is very lightly tinted, so it's more to clear lipgloss.
  • Pink Kiss (light pink) and Candlelight are sheer nude color. I love using Pink Kiss with smokey eyes.
  • Watermelon is watermelon red, I used this one almost everyday lately since it's perfect for everyday use.
  • Mauve Luxe is so pigmented that it looks like I'm using lipstick instead of lip gloss.
Would I repurchase? Hell yes! Actually I just repurchased Pink Kiss, Mauve Luxe and Watermelon. I'm gonna try other shades in the future.
Would I recommend it? If you like moisturising, tinted, a bit thick and somewhat sticky lipglosses. Yeah.


Ends 20th Dec


aisyah De Cullen said...

Mauve luxe looks pretty pigmented! =) Thanks for the swatches..^^ most of them are pretty sheer..I think I wanna try Candlelight and Goddess (over lipstick though...I'm sure that won't cover my pigmented lips)

Pepper said...

I saw from YT review, candlelight and goddess pretty similar. I think it would look the same over lipstick.

Dyna said...

i like honey do, it seemed to plump up your lips :)

Pepper said...

Yeah, it gives the illusion of plumper lips, I think it is because of the formula/texture.

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