Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Difference between different batches of E.L.F. Essential Blending Eye Brush and All Made Up, Beauty Ambition and Princesa Addiction Giveaway

In this post I'm gonna show the difference of the three E.L.F. Essential Blending Eye Brush that I got from 3 separate sprees.
From left to right, older to newer batch. Batch #00128, #00407 and #00618.

From left to right: Batch #00128, #00407 and #00618.
Batch #00128 have shorter handle compare to later batches. Batch #00618 is a tad shorter than batch #00407. The ferrule is about the same length.

From left to right: Batch #00128, #00407 and #00618.
#00618 bristles is shorter and more rounded than both batch #00128 and #00407.
#00128 have the fluffiest bristles while #00407 bristles are the longest.

From left to right: Batch #00128, #00407 and #00618.
#00618 is also less dense than both batch #00128 and #00407.

Even though the latest batch that I got is a little shorter and less dense, however it is still fluffy enough for blending. The changes makes this brush suits smaller eyes better. Yay!

All three brushes sheds few strands and stop after two washes. If you haven't got this brush, go get it! If you already have one, get some more!

[EDIT] Few days after I'd done this post and scheduled for posting, I found out that E.L.F. introduced a new eye crease brush in the Essential and it look very similar to my #00618 blending brush (the handle indicate that it's a blending). E.L.F. is known not to have stringent quality control (did they actually have it?). My new blending brush could actually be an eye crease brush, I could only confirm once I got the new brush to compare.

See the new eye crease brush here (click)

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