Saturday, November 13, 2010

How To Hang Your Brush Upside Down and Painting Makeup Brush End

Here, I shamelessly reusing material from my YouTube channel XD

How To Hang Your Brush Upside Down

This is a modification of MissTiffanyMA brush hanger. It's pretty much the same except for the addition of separators and the use of paper clip. Below is the video by MissTiffanyMA explaining how to make the brush hanger.

And here is my response video showing the modification for the brush hanger

Painting Makeup Brush End

I learn how to paint the end of makeup brush using nail polish from AllThatGlitters21, watch video here

The steps are pretty much the same accept for that I noticed nail polish with glitters chip off less easily than nail polish with solid colour. Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you have a lot of brushes, find discounted nail polish or the one you don't really like. Because when I painted my brush, I finished up about half bottle of nail polish for about 20 brushes. Luckily the Elianto nail polish I'm using is only RM1.


Nicole Levina said...

haha I do use rubber band to tie my brushes like that and hang them somewhere else to let them dry XD but i own some brush guard for my brushes cos i love how it protects my brushes and keep them in shape :)
anyway good review :)

Pepper said...

Thanks Nicole.
gosh, I really wanted to buy the brush guard when I first learn about it, just so that I can dry my brush upside. Luckily I found the video about brush hanger before I place order for the brush guard.
I'll definitely get the brush guard when I started collecting high end makeup brush

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