Friday, April 8, 2011

You know you have too many sanitary pads and pantiliners when... all piled up like the picture below.I bought all the Libresse pads and when I'm storing it in my closet, I was like "Oh no~" *slap forehead, because I didn't remember the backups (Kotex pads) I bought earlier. I think I won't be needing to buy pads until the year ends because I have all this. LOL.

So I thought I giving away the Libresse sample I received from Libresse event. Since I taken two of the samples pantiliners, I top it up with my favourite pantiliner from Carefree.
I know is not the typical giveaway prize, but it would be great for those who like to try Libresse. The prize contains assorted Libresse pads & pantiliners and some Carefree pantiliners.
So to join this mini giveaway, just be a follower, leave a comment with you blog or email address for me to contact you if you win. This giveaway open only to Malaysian resident, in other word, those with Malaysian mailing address. Winner will be announce on 10th April.

Mini giveaway ends. Winner will be announced on 10th April. Winner will accept the sample above and one mystery gift. Why mystery? Because I haven't had idea what to get. LOL.

In the mean time, you may also got Libresse sample for free from
Thanks Grace for the info ^_^


Clothes Over Coffee said...

GFC ID: meipinggg

Hahah, curious to try it. :\

Ayu~Emma said...

Wah~so many ^^
I would like to try those.


( )


a!k0 said...

LOL this is probably the cutest and disposal giveaway I have seen so far :D hehe, in a very useful way ^^ hihi. What the eff, I'll join!! :D

GFC: a!k0

email: cairoPheonix[at]gmail[dot]com


Pepper said...

OMG a!k0, your comment make me feel so silly (in a good way of course). I keep having this little laugh whenever I read the comment. Well, I think this mini giveaway is a proof of my bimbo-city :D

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

WOW!! I would like to try out Librease!! me want sample!! :D

Thank you! :)

hevn said...

LMAO! the only time I buy pads is when I really run out of them. I'll start banging on my sister's door and all to lend one first. XD

Pepper said...

Ashley - the whole thing is too silly right?! I think that's one of my few (a lot actually) bimbo moments.

Pamela said...

enter me! tq!


Shellia89 said...

I would like to join it but i already have it. Librese is more way better than Kotex.

grace said...

HI, for those who would like to try out Libresse, you can request samples via

Enjoy them!

Pepper said...

Hi Grace! Thanks for the info. I have no idea. LOL.

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