Monday, April 11, 2011

Pepper's Fuss Free Easy Daily Make Up - Lite Version

This is the lighter version of my "Pepper's Fuss Free Easy Daily Make Up". This is also the same look I used after I wiped off the Shu Uemura express makeover

I can do this look in less than 10 minutes. A bit slower if I'm in a moving car.

Stuffs used
  • Ecotools Powder Brush - It's a travel size brush, so it fit the small makeup bag nicely.
  • Biore Perfect Face Milk sunscreen - It double as makeup base.
  • Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage Ginger - This concealer matched very well with my skintone. I can use this without needing to cover it with foundation.
  • ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder Apricot Beige - Like the concealer, this powder matched my skin very well. I used this to set the concealer and to mattify my skin.
  • Avon Simply Pretty Mascara - I choose this one as it fuss free and it's a wash-off mascara.
  • Stage Wondergloss Fortuna - Coral-ly shade. Moisturising and fuss-free.
  • Stage Eyeliner Teal Theater - I rub some to my finger tip and smudge it on my lid. So that would be my 'eyeshadow'. And then, I line my eyes as usual.
I skip blusher skin my cheeks have too much acne scar and stuffs. It's not covered enough without foundation. Adding blusher will make the acne scars look worse.
I also skip doing my eyebrows since my eyebrow is quite ok already and the look is very light.
No contouring or highlighting since it will defeat the whole purpose of making it all light and easy.


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love it, looks very light and pretty! This is pretty much the kind of no-fuss look I do too. :)

a!k0 said...

Oh I can't believe you could do your makeup in a moving car :P I can only do lips while driving hehe during a red light tho ;)

I used that mascara for years now I am loving Silky girl Eye opener mascara altho it takes a longtime to dry, and I almost bought that liner!! but i stayed away...and I want to try that Biore sunscreen, is it oily? or water based?

hevn said...

I likey. Your skin really looks good in this picture. Smooth and niceeee :D

Pepper said...

Emily - Thanks. That pretty much tell the usual essentials girls use.

a!k0 - I can't drive a car at all. I'm just a passenger all the time. Doing makeup in the car pretty hard. Eyelining is such a pain in the ass especially when there's a lot of junction.

I never tried Silky Girl Eyeliner, too many negative review. The eyeliner is very good. I think you should give it a try.

Biore sunscreen is water based. Feels a lil greasy, but it's not oily (not sure if that makes sense). It helps mattify skin. Works well for oily to normal skin. Very unforgiving to dry skin.
It have alcohol tho, so sensitive skin might want to avoid this.

Pepper said...

Ashley - Hehe, thanks. I think using Hada Labo products helps makes my skin a little better. My makeup actually applied better. I think I found something that works for my skin.

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