Thursday, April 14, 2011

was MIA for a while

I didn't actually noticed that I was MIA for quite some time in Blogger. Gomen ne. I was so distracted with volleyball and gym lately that time pass by so quickly. I'm a terrible volleyball player and I only managed to burn 250 cal yesterday at the gym, but these two so addictive! I'm gonna try to reach 500 cal today. Actually I'm addicted with the stationary bicycle thingy. First day, I managed to cycle for 10km, after that my legs feels like jelly...I couldn't placed my steps properly for some time. second day, I only do 6km. I try to do 10km again today. I need to make use of the free gym facility at the residential college. I might as well join the university gym aerobic class, I only need to RM25 a year. Where else you can pay that cheap for gym membership?!


aisyah De Cullen said...

true2. that's pretty cheap! Make use of it as best as you could! ngehehehe.. my uni gym is pretty far from my place so I've never even set foot in there!! haha..and I need to lose weight too..>__< lol. But I'm not gonna start just yet because I need all the energy I could get to get through this last month! woohoo! Anyway, good luck in losing weight pepper!

Pepper said...

Thanks Aisyah. I need to lose all those flabs around my tummy. I don't fancy muffin tops any longer. But what I really want is fitter body. Not running out of breath easily is my primary target. Good health is the best!

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