Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shu Uemura Express Makeover and Hauls.

After the trip to Ranchan and lunch at Kim Bay, we went to Shu Uemura to redeem our FB e-coupon. Read more about the e-coupon here. Since the UV underbase mousse (travel size) haven't arrived to Kuching outlet yet, we just have the makeover first and collect the base when it arrive later.

Basically the express makeover is for you to try the new collection products which include the underbase mousse.

Jong Jen during the makeover.

The fellow who did my makeover. He move away when I point the camera towards him. So I have to take the picture from the mirror reflection.

The stuffs he used for the makeover. He only apply the base, face powder, blush and lip gloss.
For Jong Jen, the beauty stylist also line her eyes and put some mascara on.

The underbase mousse. The texture is light and smooth.

I'm a lil disappointed with the makeover. I didn't expect much, but it really annoys me when the beauty stylist didn't blend the blush properly. The lip gloss he put on make me look sick. OMG. But the makeover give me a chance to try Shu Uemura product. The lip gloss texture is nice. Non-sticky and light. The blusher colour is awesome, I wish he apply it better. Regarding the underbase mousse and the face powder. They both feel nice. But both makes me look grey. It could be the tint and the sunscreen in the product. But the best thing is the brushes they used. Shu Uemura brushes feels awesome. It's feels soft and luxurious! Now I understand the crazed over Shu Uemura brushes.

The makeover after few hours. My face looks grey-er than usual. The beauty stylist match me with the wrong powder  guess.

I wipe the makeup off, and redo my makeup in the car. I feel much much better now. The makeover makes me feels conscious.
After the makeover, I went hauling some stuffs.
I think Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System did more damage than good to my skin. So I'm in search for skincare without dimethicone, sodium laureth sulfate and alcohol. My skin changed from oily to slightly dry. So I end up with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Wash and Moistuzing Lotion. I tried both last night. So far so good. I like the lotion especially.
I got some Q-tips for RM1.90 and 6 packet of wet tissues for RM6.90. Bella gave me then hand sanitizer cause she bought extra. The second bottle only cost RM1

I received a postcard from Clinique few days ago. The postcard entitled me for a free personal makeup workshop and a free lipgloss. Luckily the Clinique SA just gave me the lipgloss skipping the personal workshop. I had enough of makeover that day.

Lastly I bought these two shower thingy from The Body Shop. One of it (the aqua one) is for my mini giveaway winner. I'll announce the winner tonight.


aisyah De Cullen said...

Hada Labo skincare is awesomeness! Whenever my skin's in a rut, I always turn back to my Hada Labo cleanser.. ^^
I hope it would do wonders for your skin! ^^

Pepper said...

*fingers and toes crossing* I really hopes it works! My skin is badly damaged already. It's assuring to hear it works for you.

hevn said...

Uhh, you did a better job that the MUA did..

Maybe there's just too many people for them to cope or something but personally I hate MUA that does half ass jobs >.<

a!k0 said...

Mmm I never could figure out what to use for my face so I tend to use the same stuff for years. I am thankful my face is pretty ok till now :) I'd love to find something different but I hate trying :P

And I was at the spring last Friday, went to stage and did a dent in my budget...arghhh the SA is so nice tho cant help it =____=

I have to agree the makeup he did on you isn't the greatest...such a lousy job done, too bad tho

Pepper said...

Ashley - There some people at the counter. But only three of us gedik2 there doing makeover. I started to think it's so typical of beauty stylist/MUA of high end brand to act so snobby but doing only half ass jobs.

a!k0 - I'm the exact opposite. I think my skin hates me for torturing it too much. You're a very lucky girl to have well behave skin.

The SA, they are very nice. I avoid Stage altogether last week since I not planning to buy anything, but I'll buy one or two things if the SA recommend it to me. I'm a sucker for good service.

Too bad he's kinda cute as an MUA. His hands are gentle, but not enough to impressed me. I think he will do it better if I'm buying something.

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