Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simply Siti Eyeshadows

Last weekend, I went to Watson and Simply Siti single eyeshadows caught my attention.

Doesn't the pan shape looks a lot like NYX singles!

I swatched the Simply Siti eyeshadows and I find it to be very powdery and most the shadows are pretty sheer. I think it's because the line is manufactured in Korea, and typical Korean and Japanese eyeshadows are like that.


hevn said...

Simply siti's stuffs is a little too pricy for my liking. Did you try the BB cream?

a!k0 said...

The color looks nice in the pan tho, and it is a bit pricey at least I think so. The new in2it shadows are much more pigmented and I was shocked! Might be getting those :D My cousin like Simply Siti's BB cream...but it does look good on her. LAst pretty much all day too...I have not tried it tho :D


Pepper said...

Ashley - yeah, the price range is a little too high for the quality and quantity. I didn't try the BB cream because I got a feeling it would be too light for me.

a!k0 - Yeah, the color looks nice, lots of it very wearable. in2it definitely perform better compared to the simply siti one.

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