Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: Clinique City Block Sheer 25 SPF

Dear Clinique, what's wrong with your sunscreen formulation? It's too oily and it pilling/ball up upon application. It might work for those living in colder climate, but, let me say this plain and straightforward, don't bother selling this thing in Malaysia, it's too humid and hot here.

More than that, why sell something with such a horrible formulation? Each time I put it on, it would ball up. This make it impossible to reapply without the fuss of brushing off the ball up sunscreen of my face.

Another thing that really make me unhappy about this product is the fact that it's oily despite the claim of being oil-free. I'd done the test checking the oil content, Revlon Colorstay pass with flying colors while this sunscreen fail miserably. There's just too much oil in it.
As you can see from the picture above, the product separates. It annoys me, but the good thing is that, I could remove most of the oil in this product by letting the oily phase of the separated product to flow out first. Doing this improve the product application significantly.
The product is tinted to reduce the white-ish look caused by the sunscreen, but the tint does not provide coverage. The scent of this product is typical of Clinique sunscreen. I dunno how to describe it. I think it's quite similar to Banana Boat sunscreen.

The only way to make this horrible product works is by mixing it with foundation. Foundation with will make the product stop from balling-up during application. But the suncreen would make the foundation a lil harder to blend. Well, I think that's a good compromise as I want to finish the product ASAP.

Not recommended and will never ever purchase the full size. Why would I, it's over priced for something that works terribly. Plus, it doesn't have UVA protection.

p/s: I think you can tell how much I hate this stuff.

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