Monday, April 18, 2011

Guess what I spotted at Parkson Riverside?

Max Factor Counter! I maybe slow since I haven't went to Parkson Riverside Kuching for ages.
I wanted to take more picture, but the SA didn't allow me...lame~
The false lash effect mascara cost RM66! I would never spent that much on mascara since I'm gonna throw it away after 3 months usage. What if I can't finished it within 3 months, that would be a waste.


Caja said...

Wohooo, new cosmetic brand in malaysia! :D
Is it in watson or they had their own counter?

Pepper said...

they had their own counter in Parkson Riverside, not sure in other place

a!k0 said...

Wow they have X-factor now? I guess I haven't been there in a long time too :P They use to have Stila there too...sigh* Why can't they have Ikea or Domino instead? :P Worth my money


a!k0 said...

Wait did I just wrote X facor? LOL MAx factor...that X in the picture fooled me!!! :P

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