Sunday, April 17, 2011

All that is purple-ish: Item 3 - Urban Decay Primer Potion Original Pro size

The packaging is purple, so I guess that counts huh! XD

UDPP is my must have. It almost come close as HG, but I feel like there are something better out there. It does make eyeshadow last much longer and look much more vibrant. But the thing about this primer is that it makes blending a lil harder. It also can be tricky to apply. Sometimes, the primer just ball up, when it does that, it takes some time to even it out. In very hot and humid weather, my eyeshadow still fade and crease even with primer on. Another thing I noticed about this product is that, it must be applied on bare skin for it to work for me. If I apply it over foundation or BB cream, my eyeshadow will fades and crease in 2-3 hours. Despite being a cult favourite, there a lot can be desired from this product.


BeauxsMom said...

I agree my eyeshadow still fades it just lasts a lil longer than without so i keep using it.

Pepper said...

It's kinda disappointing right?! To think that it is such a cult favourite, but turn out to be lesser than what it was claimed to be.

hevn said...

Uhh! You just reminded me to use mine. Its been 2 years and it's still in the box!!! ARGH!

wifluvelle said...

after a long while now, yeah i can see lots of reviews out there turn to say not that good >.<

xoxo elle

Pepper said...

Ashley - LOL, that my friend is a sign you have too many makeup.

Elle - It's actually good, turn out to be the best among all eyeshadow primer i'd tried, but there are somthing to be desired. It's not perfect, dat's all.

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