Monday, April 25, 2011

Bloop de Paris.

Truth to be told, The Spring Kuching had Bloop de Paris for years and never once I actually pay attention to what the store have to deliver.
I think the store look pretty cute! It's not really a big store, but they have quite a lot of product available.
Bloop de Paris have quite a lot of nail polish in their collection, some of the colours looks interesting, but for RM10 a bottle, I might get 2 bottles from Elianto or The Face Shop. Okay, I admit it. I'm obsessed with Korean made nail polishes.
The store also have some Dolly Wink lashes and other stuffs included nail art stickers.
I'm tempted to get this Dessert Soap, but it's too expensive!
This is pretty interesting, face powder mask. It means that it could last longer and you could make as needed. No wastage!
I'm not sure what it is, it could be eyeshadows. The packaging is totally adorable!
Bloop de Paris also have skincare line available.
Some random stuffs on display. I didn't bought anything from Bloop de Paris since I end up buying a running shoes and a weighing scale that day. Another thing is that, I have more than enough makeup in my current collection.


aisyah De Cullen said...'s RM10 per bottle? aiiyaa..XXD than Etude house, Elianto and thefaceshop have cheaper nail polishes and better color range..XD anyway, I might try and ask the ones that Watsons Melaka. they looked like they're on sale or somthing..oh, about your prize, will it be okay if I post it out after my exams (ending this coming thursday). I might be able to grab some of that Bloop de paris for you to try (if it is indeed on sale..haha) what color do you like anyway?

aisyah De Cullen said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention it, bloop de paris here is soo cute (although I haven't seen it for ages back in the days when I used to snoop around makeup shop not daring to enter it, I always love looking at Bloop de paris counter. They have this folded towels that looked like cakes and lollipops. XD it looked like a candy shop!

hevn said...

It's actually really good that you know when to pull the handbrakes XD and know when enough is enough. LOL!

I still need more discipline >.<

a!k0 said...

Haha they have bloop de paris in SprinG? I don't even know where it is :P

Pepper said...

Aisyah - ya la, RM10 a bottle is a bit too much considering the Korean made nail polish is way cheaper. That folded towel and makeup that arranged to look like food is like a bait!

Ashley - I have too, student budget is not shopaholic friendly, maybe if I started working, the handbrake won't work!

a!k0 - They do have! right across MBO.

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