Friday, April 15, 2011

All that is purple-ish: Item 1 - ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner (Purple)

I noticed I'm slowing down with blogging lately. The thing is, I started to go to gym and play volleyball, and that takes a lot of energy. Doing a look or writing a review takes a lot of energy and time. So until my body get used with the abused, I need to update this blog with something more lighthearted and simpler. I'm gonna start a series called "All that is *insert colour*". Basically, I'm gonna collect my stuffs that is in a particular group of color, one item for each day. In the post, I'm gonna write a short review or simply thoughts that I have about the item. I'm gonna start the series with the colour purple.

ELF product can be a hit or miss, this one in particular is a hit for me. The purple colour is opaque and the eyeliner is easy to apply. I usually prefer to bring this in my travel bag since it is the least fussy among my cream eyeliner.
The brush that comes with the eyeliner actually not bad all, short and tiny, perfect for travelling or tiny makeup bag.


TrailerHood Chic said...

I love this & have been wearing it a lot lately. I've washed the brush about 3 times & the bristles started falling out which made it painful to use.

Pepper said...

Aww~ that's the problem with ELF, no quality controls. The brushes I got is not bad at all, washed it few times, no problem at all. But I got that problem with other brushes.

aisyah De Cullen said...

the head of my brush fell off from its stick.. >__< maybe water got into the adhesive inside..if not, I would have continued using it. very handy.

ps: this is totally on an unrelated matter but I DID try the eyeliner pencil at Stage and INDEED, like you said, they could withstand storm! XD LOL..I didn't buy any though because the shade I wanted was out of stock. I don't think they'll ever be stocking them up again for RM12.. U__U Will you be visiting Stage ever again (within this sale?) because I'd love it if you could pick up one eyeliner pencil in dark brown if Stage there still have it. ^^ let me you yeah? it's okay if you won't be going though..hehe

Pepper said...

That happened to my ELF Studio Powder brush. I used UHU glue to fixed it.

ps: The eyeliner also out of stock here in Kuching. Sad right, I really like to have one in brown and black.

aisyah De Cullen said...

reply: oooohh..too bad.. I was really impressed by how great it stayed on my hand! I was hoping I could replace it with Dollywink dark brown pencil liner (which cost RM30++ >__<)..anyway, thanks for letting me know..^__^ oh yeah, another random question, hv u ever tried Bloop de paris nail polish? I saw those a lot in Watsons (within a huge container) Nail polishes nowadays reminds me of have quite a bunch of interesting colors.

Pepper said...

I haven't tried Bloop de paris nail polish. We have Bloop de Paris store here in Kuching, they have cute store and presentation, but never really caught my attention, I need to look closely later. I positively think I'm obsessed with Korean made nail polish. I wish they started making holos

I'm flattered when you say nail polishes reminds you of me. LOL...I'm slowing down right now. My nail starts to turn yellow from all the abuse. LOL

aisyah De Cullen said...

yeaahh, hahaha.. I actually went and take a look at all those nail polishes (even though I don't wear em) and saw a lovely color and thought to myself, 'aah, this color would suit Pepper!' haha..XD So that's why I asked whether you've tried and loved them..ekeke..

Nail polishes reminds me of you and mask sheets reminds me of Isabel..XXD haha.. beauty bloggers ftw! =D

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