Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take me to the moon

Okay, sorry for the cheesy title for this post, but I couldn't help it since this look done using ELF Brightening Eye Color quad in Blue Moon. I feel lining my eyes this way makes me look awkward, but it looks good in pic.

I used two new stuffs in this look, ELF Studio Blush in Berry Merry and Avon Simply Pretty ColorBliss Lipstick in Amethyst.


aisyah De Cullen said...

uwaa..long time no post Pepper!! I've missed you! ehehe..
nice look! Your skin looks really good. is it the stage foundation? the sale is still on right? I think I'm gonna go look around Stage tomorrow..XD
ps: I don't think you look awkward at all..!

Pepper said...

Uwaa~ I missed you too. I was so distracted with volleyball and gym that I forgot to update my blog.

Thanks, I actually used Kryolan TV paint stick. I was too lazy to put on concealer. So I need high coverage foundation. But I think it's Hada Labo that helps a lot. My skin actually feel better.

The Stage sale I think is on until May. That's what I saw from their FB page.

aisyah De Cullen said...

YAY for Hada Labo..^___^ I'm sort of in a rut trying to figure out what skincare to use next after I finish my elianto set.. I read somewhere that the lotion is too moisturizing and too heavy for combination skin in a weather like malaysia. is it? I'm using the Tamagohada cleanser right now and it is awesome! I want to get Hada labo full set! =D

hevn said...

Whoaa, love the skin!
I've always been super interested in kryolan but it's super difficult to get it here in Penang. I don't dare buy it online since I know know what colour I need. Aih headache. Where did you buy yours and how much was it?

Pepper said...

Aisyah - Yay! Hooray for Hada Labo! I think you should give Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion a try, even tho it is actually a toner, it double a day moisturiser for me. At night I might get the heavier version later. I don't think the lotion(toner) is heavy at all. It works more like hydrator than typical moisturiser.

Ashley - I know, Kryolan is super difficult to get. To get the right matched even more difficult. They are local seller selling it online, but I think it is just too expensive, about RM60-RM90 per stick. I got mine from online spree with hubby_enny at LYN. It was around RM47 like that.
I'd done research. For yellow tone skin, FS36 is for skin around NC30-35, FS38 is for NC30-25. I haven't figured one for lighter NC skintone.

You can find good picture here

a!k0 said...

The lippie looks good :D although I never really like Avon lipsticks, they feel dry on my lips. I love their Glazeware lipgloss tho :D and the lip tint. I am so lazy that sometimes I just wear my Nivea lip balm :P


Pepper said...

Yeah, it does look good! I also find Avon lipstick can be quite drying. I have bad experience with Nivea lip balm. I think that one product actually make me a little phobia to try Nivea again.

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