Sunday, April 10, 2011

Freebies Alert - More Hello Kitty Image Plate Giveaway!!!

I just received this email. To lazy to edit it, I just copy and paste it here.

We host several giveaways in last 3 months, have you got your hello kitty plate now?
        If you haven¡¯t get your item smoothly, please contact us, and we¡¯ll try to work this out.
        And if you didn¡¯t make the free hello kitty plate before, we¡¯ll host giveaways again on Apr 11, and the quantity will be available depends on the likes we can get on facebook.
        Here¡¯s the details about the giveaways:
        That¡¯ll be very appreciated if you can share the news with your friend, and share the news on the forum or freebie site you are familiar with.
        If you want to get our promotion news at the first time,
        You can:
        Like us on facebook:
        Or follow us on twitter:
        Subscribe us on youtube:
        Good luck!
        Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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