Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue Leopord

Base: Elianto Nail Color #02 Dodger Blue
Stamp Color: Konad Special Nail Polish White and Elianto Nail Color #40 Twilight Zone
Top Coat: Elianto Nail Color # 01 Transparent
Image Plate: Konad M57


dinamo said...

cool mani! :)
very creative ;)

miss syukur said...

love the bright blue!

Jennifer said...

the konad-ing is nicely done! :) i would have easily spoiled my nail polish =.= not to mention konading XD

hevn said...

I love love love all your NOTDs. Its nice to see yours since I've run out of ideas and you give me inspiration, thanks!

Pepper said...

@dinamo - Thanks :)

@Miss Syukur - Bright blue, so bright I feel like mencapub

@Jennifer - I still spoil my nail polish and konading...hehehe, I just didn't show it in my blog :D

@Ashley - I love love love your comment! Welcome :) I feel like running out of idea right now and it feels like a perfect excuse to get more image plates. LOL

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