Friday, April 29, 2011

Pinkish Leopard Spots.

I have high hope for Elianto Nail Color in White 02, but it's super streaky! I need at least 3 coat to have decent nails, but it have lots of bald spots. I'd tried using this for konading, not too bad, only a lil sheer.

Base Color : Elianto Nail Color in White 02
Stamp Color : Elianto Nail Color in Coral Light 09
Top Coat : Elianto Nail Color in Transparent 01
Image Plate : Konad M57


aisyah De Cullen said...

pepper~! =) could you please email me your address? I kinda lost it (not at either..huhu).. I'll post out by tomorrow ^^

ps: I bought you nail polishes XD Checked out the Bloop de paris one but they were only a tad bit cheaper than at your place and the color is just bleergh.. saw some interesting ones at Sasa.haha

asilah zafirah said...

eh comel la hehe tapi little bit messy ,hehe

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