Thursday, April 21, 2011

All that is purple-ish: Item 7 - Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Powder Fresh Deodorant

My favourite deodorant. I' tried aerosol, my aim not that good, I end spraying the air or my face instead of my underarm. The liquidy one like Nivea is just pain in the *ss, takes time to dry, stained the shirt and doesn't really work. But this one I think is my must have, the one that work exactly the way I want it. It's in stick form, so no waiting time for it to dry. It's not sticky. It works, even if I sweat, especially when I'm in the gym, my underarm smell powder fresh!!! hahaha. Lastly, it doesn't have strong scent likes it Fressia version. I don't like strong-scented deodorant as I think it messing up the fragrance I'm gonna use.


Jiyuu said...

Plus, strong scent deodorant often has the type of scent which gives me migraine! Besides, my armpit doesn't smell bad enough to warrant covering it up with super-strong (migraine-inducing)scent. lol

Pepper said...

Mesti ko tgh bosan kan...hahaha, awkward pulak letak deodorant dalam blog

a!k0 said...

I need to give this powder deodorant another try. I use to use the nivea spray deodorant that I love! but it's not very chemical friendly so now I am using the crystal stick. :) I like it...and well I keeps me not smelling bad so thats good :P


shahtaj said...

I use the same one.Totally love it:)

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