Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clarins Skin Time Appointment

I went to Clarins Skin Spa at The Spring Kuching yesterday for Skin Time Appointment. To learn more on how to sign up for the appointment, click here. (The link is from, but it'll bring you to Clarins FB page.)

I didn't received the sms per say in Clarins FB page, so I thought I didn't get the appointment. But a day before the day I request for the appointment, I received a phone from Clarins The Spring to confirm the appointment. So I guess that's something to take note here.

Actually the appointment supposed to be at 1.30pm, but I had enough of walking around aimlessly in the mall, I head for the appointment about 15 minutes early. I have no idea what to expect, but I come out from Clarins with my happiness bar rised higher.

This is how Clarins Skin Spa looks like.

I really like the product display. It's something I like to do if I have my own house, to store all my books.

A small army of tester lined up nicely.

The product display arranged to its line. Like the one in the picture above is for the Treatment Fragrances and the one in the picture below is range specifically for men, ranging from face wash to after shave to shower scrub.

Everyone, let me introduce you to Yvonne, the Beauty Advisor that I have appointment with. I think some of you knows how I'm such a sucker for good customer service. You can't imagine how happy I was to have Yvonne for the appointment. She's professional and very well knowledge. She asked about the products I had used and currently using. I'm feel happy when she talk about how The Body Shop Vitamin E range doesn't smell that nice (it is), how Clinique toner have strong alcohol scent (it is!) and said that my current concern is hydration (it IS!) since I'm currently using Hada Labo products. It's nice to see Beauty Advisor/ Stylist/ SA/ MUA that actually know something else other than forcing you to buy things you're not suitable with. Even tho I come for the appointment for free, I'm glad Yvonne treat me nicely and with respect.

Before Yvonne started, she sprays her hands with this Rebalancing Fragrance to refresh her hands.
The products used. For each products used, Yvonne show the right way to apply it and explains the main ingredients and its functions.

For this appointment, Yvonne is showing me how to correctly use and apply Clarins product that is advised for my skin concern on my arm. I think that is nice because we're not sure how products reacts to your skin, thus the importance of patch test. She first prepared my hand my using Water Purify One-Step Cleanser.
It's a remover for light makeup. It's advised to follow this step with facial cleanser. Well, I'm a big believer of double-cleansing my skin. RM165 per bottle.

Next, she applied Toning Lotion with Iris (RM90). This toner is for combination or oily skin and alcohol free. I used oil-control toner containing alcohol before and it make my skin more oilier.

Next applied is Clarins star product, Shaping Facial Lift (RM225). To apply this, smooth this all over the skin followed by manual auto-lifting method. Basically, the method is somewhat like a massage to reduce puffiness and relieve water retention.

Next, she applied HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase (RM200). This serum is for dehydrated skin. HydraQuench line contains Katafray bark extract, hyaluronic acid and Sorbier bud extract.

Another product from HydraQuench line is the facial cream (RM180). This one in particular is for normal to dry skin. This also available in Cream-Gel form for normal to combination skin or hot climates (sounds like something I would like) and in Rich Cream.

This sunscreen is really oil-free! Unlike certain suncreen claiming to be oil-free *ahemCliniqueahemSunscreenahem* this really is oil free. It look a lot like Biore UV Perfect Face Milk, but creamier. I like that in include UVA protection too. Cost RM158 each. Yvonne says that to apply sunscreen, pat it on lightly to your skin. If you rub it, it would come off and defeat its purpose as sun protection.

At the end of the appointment, I received Clarins pamphlets, booklets and 3 samples, which include Shaping Facial Lift, HydraQuench Cream and Day Screen High Protection. I didn't include the samples pic here since my camera died and I couldn't find my charger. So that would wait for another post.

Wow, this post pretty long and I think I sound like Clarins staffs. LOL. But I guess that's good to give you guys an idea about the Skin Time Appointment and Clarins in brief. I think the brand is quite good. But the price tag is little too high for my student budget. There are two products that caught my interest, which is the HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel and Intensive Serum Bi-Phase. But with total of RM380, I have to wait and do major budgeting before I can afford it. LOL. This is the kind of time I feel poor when I'm actually not.

So, what you waiting for? click here and book your Skin Time Appointment at the nearest Clarins!


hevn said...

I remember a long long time ago, I also used Clarins when my acne was going bonkers. The lady gave me so many samples but what I liked best was actually the masks.

Forgot the name tho.. >.<

Pepper said...

Oh my, I really wanted to try Clarins, at least the HydraQuench line, but student budget doesn't allow me to have it...*sigh* From the price list they give for their spa service, they only charge RM25 for shaping eyebrow, gonna try that one day

hevn said...

RM25 for eyebrow shaping??
Ouch to me. My usual place is RM15 and I already complain about the pricing >.<!!!

Grace said...

Hi, jus now i reg for my skin time on FB. it state that have to reg the time 3 days before redemption, initially i plan to go on 17th may, so 3 days before which is 14th May, so that i book the time for 14th May. then, they msg me tat my booking is on 14th May. i was confused immediately. So i wanted to ask you, how u actually book the time? on the exact date? or 3 day before ur real appointment.

Pepper said...

Ashley - I shape my brow on my own, I don't want to let anyone do it in fear for them shaving it off or trim it using scissors, all I do to my brows is plucking them using tweezer. I would like to come to Penang one day, really like to try the char kueh tiaw.

Grace - I book it 7 days earlier. I didn't receive the SMS. But Clarins Kuching called me a day before the appointment. If the FB confusing you, you can try call Clarins nearest to your place.

Grace said...

Thanks so much^^

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