Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Long Does E.L.F. Brigthening Eye Color Last Applied Over E.L.F Eyeshadow Primer? | NYX, ELF, Eve's Pearl & CS 33% - 55% discounts spree!

Very long.

EOTD using Teal Dream palette over Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Before - 10 am

in the mean time
  • went to lab
  • had lunch
  • went to mini post office, walking under the sun at 2pm, sweat a lot.
  • post parcels.
  • waiting for bus
  • went back to the lab
  • shop some groceries
  • nomming some chipsmore
After - 5.30pm. After 7.5 hours, the eyeshadow look as good as in before picture.

This is another picture taken approximately 10 hours after the eyeshadow (Butternut palette) first applied. I don't have the before picture. You can see that the eyeshadow still look vibrant.
Before I take this before, I had sweat and gone through rain when I was looking for fertilizer at the weekend market.

In reviews from E.L.F. website, lot of people say that this primer comparable to Urban Decay Potion Primer. I didn't have UDPP. Still, I find this primer rock! It slightly pigmented, so it even out pigmentation on my eyelid. I did not apply foundation or foundation on my lids whenever I used this primer.

It have a faint scent, I'm not sure what it smells like.The texture feels slightly greasy when applied and dries quickly to matte texture. You don't need a lot to cover whole lid, so tube would last for quite some time.

I got this from LYN for RM15. I'll definitely repurchase (just recently I join a spree and order back-ups for RM9.90 per tube). Highly recommended.

  • Oh ya, for today is the last day for E.L.F. 55% spree, closing time for the spree is at 11 pm sharp. visit this LYN thread to place your order. Besides that, there are also NYX 50% spree that ends in 28th Nov 11pm, Eve Pearl 40-55% spree for selected items that ends on the 29th, and Coastal Scents 33% spree that also ends on the 29th. Visit this thread for more information

  • Batch C of this ELF 50% spree is over. But Batch D open soon on 30th Nov. I bought a lot of stuff here. Hehehe. Visit this thread for more information

p/s: this is not advertisement. I'm just recommending spree organisers that I trust.

OMG!!! Reincarnation of Freddie. He sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury.

Mika, I love you!


aisyah De Cullen said...

thanks for the heads up on the spree organizer activities! =) hubbyenny and strawberrygirl isn't it? hehe..I kinda joined both! LOL *looks at empty wallet*

Pepper said...

Yeap, pokai everytime both of them ada spree yg gila2 macam ni. My account almost empty already.

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