Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Very Black, the mascara I love to hate!

I hate this mascara so much, that at one point I ignore it for quite sometime. But that is only until I learn how to make this nasty stuff work for me. The main reason I bought this mascara because of it's dirt cheap price, RM17 per tube of 12ml in LYN. Furthermore, this mascara is not available in Malaysia and the original version is highly rave by a lot of beauty editor. So I am highly curious.

The original of this mascara is non waterproof with green cap instead of black. I'm so glad that I didn't bought that one as from reviews I read and from Youtube videos I watch, I conclude that the original version is far worst than the one I have. The brush for this mascara is slightly smaller when compared to E.L.F. Essential Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo, so it works well for lower lashes.

The main reason why I hate this mascara is that it is so hard to remove! When I first bought it, all of my waterproof mascara easily removed using Body Shop Vit E facial cleanser, but not this Great Lash. The only thing that can remove it completely is Maybelline Eyes & Lips Make-up remover.
Despite the name Great Lash, there's nothing great about the mascara except for the price. Even though it is waterproof, it tends to smudge and clumps badly. Even if it does lengthen lashes, but it does it very ugly way. The end of the lashes tend to droop and it looks weird. This mascara doesn't really hold up curl well.

Since this mascara is in the my 10 pan project list, I'm still gonna finish it up. However, I'll never repurchase it and I wouldn't recommend this mascara to anyone.


Isabel said...

Sargeant pepper from LYN? lol

Hah.. I was curious about this too but didn't get it because of all the BAD reviews. you should try max factor false lash effect mascara. <3 <3

Pepper said...

Yeap, I think we saw each other a lot in ELF sprees thread XD

silly me paid for the mascara first before reading all the reviews. That I think it was the last time I bought cosmetics online w/o reading the reviews first. Lesson learned.

How did you get your max factor false lash effect mascara? Sounds promising ^_^

Isabel said...

I got mine for free from the mascara exchange programme.. You can also purchase Max Factor locally now ^^ I'm not sure of the exact locations of the shops / counters though. If you're interested, I have it in my FOTD on the 18th of Nov, to be published at 3pm and full review on 19th.

Pepper said...

I see, thanks Isabel.

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