Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comparison: E.L.F. Studio Blusher Mellow Mauve and E.L.F. Essential Natural Radiance Blusher Flushed

These two are my only blushers that more on the pinkish side. I prefer coral blusher most of the time.

E.L.F. Essential Blushers usually half the size of E.L.F. Studio Blusher. Flushed is a beautiful Barbie pink shade with very fine shimmer that it is almost matte. Mellow Mauve on the other hand is mauve-y shade with purple shimmer, it's like the big sister or maybe mom to Flushed. These two hardly a dupe to each other.

Pigmentation wise, both blushers are moderately pigmented. I prefer my blusher to be moderately pigmented so that it's easy to work with and still show up on my skin. I rather take some time building up color than end up having to remove everything because one swipe is too much.

Swatches of Mellow Mauve (left) and Flushed (right) with and without flash. See, Flushed does look like Barbie pink.

Note: This post serve as initial review and shade comparison for the blushers.

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