Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Forgotten Haul

I almost forgot writing a blog post for this haul. I found the picture while rearranging picture in pendrive.
  • Compact W/ Mirror - I planned to use when I plan to purchase MAC single eyeshadows. But when I learned NYX single eyeshadow Black is blacker than MAC Carbon, I abandoned the plan and this compact is currently on sale in my sale blog.
  • Mechanical Eyelash Curler - I like how springy it is. I think I got the bad batch. The silicon pad doesn't fit snug that it keep fallen from the curler. The shape is a lil too curvy for my eyes. Daiso eyelash curler works better.
  • All Over Color Stick Golden Peach - It would be perfect as highlighter if it is not so frosty and the cream formulation makes me look like grease ball. Euw~
  • Eye Shadow Brush - A very good brush for packing on colors on lid.
  • Defining Eye Brush - Works great for the outer corner of my eyes.
  • Smudge Eye Sponge - the sponge is too hard that it tug the skin too much. Prefer smudge brush better.
  • Shine Eraser (not in picture) - Works just like any other oil blotter sheets. Daiso have alternatives with better value. Shine Eraser costs approx. RM 4 for 50 sheets. The Daiso version only costs me RM5 for 300 sheets.
  • Natural Radiance Blusher Glow - Pretty, but too frosty for my preference. Also on sale in my sale blog.
I made a video for this haul earlier. My opinion has changed a lot since I made this video.


aisyah De Cullen said...

aww...too bad NYX single eyeshadows are rectangular instead of rounds..=(
I like NYX eyeshadows! I think they are waaaay better than ELF in every aspect but the $1 price tag is too hard to resist..XD IF NYX ever becomes a $1 brand, they'll be my fav for sho!

Pepper said...

Yeap, luckily the compact only cost $1, if not, I would have a very hard time letting it go. I only got 1 NYX eyeshadow, NYX black surely is better than ELF black in Drama quad.

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