Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marie a la Mode Giveaway

Until I started my own giveaway, I always have the impression that people who join giveaway are opportunistic. Now, that I have my own giveaway, I started to see that those people are giving support to the blog. I think that is awesome.

Obviously this post is made as entries to the giveaway contest I'm joining. But I don't simply join giveaway. I will read the blog for at least 3 pages/15 posts before I decide to follow the blog. As I mentioned in previous post, I love blog with wall of words, and wall of words usually means thoughts have been given in writing it.

Anyway, Marie a la Mode blog is interesting to me because of the wall of words (hehe) and her OOTDs. I especially love her "Where's Waldo" costume. Simple, but it works!

So pay a visit to Marie a la Mode, see whether you like it (I like it) and show your support by joining her giveaway here.

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