Monday, November 15, 2010

Magic or no magic? Egyptian Magic Cream.

Egyptian Magic Cream (EMC), magic in tub or not? That's the question. I have to admit that I got excited over the hype about EMC all over YouTube. Almost everyone seems to loves it. Furthermore, it is easily available as ready stock in LYN. I purchased this tub of EMC when my bimbocity at its highest level. I don't know where the skeptic me went to hiding.

When I finally received the jar, Miss Skeptic come for a visit. I'm wondering if this would clog my pores. Anyway, I give the product a try.

The product comes in a very inconvenient jar. It is so unhygienic to dip my finger into the tub, so I used spatula to aliquot some of the cream into smaller jar for use. Another problem related to the packaging is the fact that the cap doesn't screw on tightly enough to prevent ants from getting into the screw cap thread. I think this problem is rather unique to me. The truth is, the residential college I'm staying having this horrible ants infestation. To prevent ants from getting into the cream, I tape the cap gap using sellotape. I'm that desperate to keep it clean. LOL

It's really a multipurpose cream, I used it to remove makeup, lip balm, night mask, hair mask, for closed wounds and scar. However, it is not as good as most of the YouTube makeup guru said, at least to me.

It works fine as makeup remover due to one of the ingredient is olive oil. It even remove that nasty Maybelline Great Lash mascara completely.

EMC is so greasy and thick, that there are no way for it to be used as day cream. I used as night cream and sometimes face mask, once removed, it left my skin soft. As lip balm, it is not as moisturising as I hope it was, my lip still chap even after generous amount applied.

For closed wound, it helps speed up healing. However for scar, it doesn't work for me.

At times, I'll used as hair mask before shower to pamper my hair a lil. It does improve my hair condition a lil. Nothing dramatic.

Another way I used EMC is by dabbing it on pimple, it helps reduce the pimples faster, and pimple scar appearance also not as terrible as leaving it alone.

Sadly, this cream clogged pores! At first clogged pores appears on my skin after I started using Everyday Mineral Base, and EMC make the matter worse. White heads start to appears and pores between my cheeks and nose appears much much larger. After few weeks, large pimples start dominating my face. Nightmare~~~~~~~~~~

I think this product doesn't suit me as I have oily combination skin type, so adding more oil on my face is a bad thing to do. It might suit people with drier skin type.

The cream is not magical enough for me to like it and the texture of the cream is a big turn off. If the price is much cheaper, I'll be happy to used it as alternative for petroleum jelly.

p/s: Extra virgin olive oil do anything this EMC can do like 10x better. And EVOO does make my skin break out.


miss syukur said...

I was also thinking to get this too but since we have the same type of skin i do feel that it will have the same kinda result like you did. BUT...i do like to try it for some other things that you mentioned. maybe i'll get it in a sample jar first. thanks for reviewing.

Pepper said...

Yeap, try the sample first, maybe it would work better for akak.

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