Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hair Story

My hair is one of my most obvious imperfection. Since I was a baby, I always have thin hair. Thin as in hair density and strand thickness. My sisters on the other hand, have thick hair. Maybe they take some from me XD

Even though my hair is not my best feature, I really love doing something to it, I'd perm/curl, dye, and cut my hair. The only thing I would definitely avoid is rebonding or straighten it. Who in the right mind would do that if they have thin hair like mine?!

Below are some pictures, showing changes in my hair style from 2009 till recent.

3rd March 2009, I love this pic. My hair actually looks nice here when it is actually very dry and stuff.

18 April 2009, the one sticking her tongue out is my younger sister who have this jungle of hair. She have to thin it now and then to make it manageable. I miss that fringe.

16th May 2009, this pic taken during our last dinner function as degree student. I dyed my hair burgundy at this time. The curly hair has become wavy hair.

23rd July 2009, at this time, I was so sick of my long hair that each morning I'm tempted to cut it myself. I hate my long hair at that time. So, I went to Richard for help. He cut my mermaid hair into this bishounen crop. Can't you see how happy I am with that cut. Very!

24th August 2009, Bad hair day.

3rd September 2009, getting dark blonde highlighter.

5th September 2009, Another bad hair day. LOL
31st October 2009, Went to Richard again for another hair cut. Short and feminine.

6th December 2009, sudden urge for shorter crazier hair. Again, Richard is my hair stylist. I heart this cut. Miss this short hair.
11th December 2009, Sporting super short during shopping with the guys.

26th December 2009, went to a wedding reception, wearing traditional kebaya with short hair. People turn their head to look at this crazy girl.

17th May 2010, attending juniors dinner function. My junior said my hair looks like Audrey Hepburn's. How I wish it is!

9th July 2010, During Rainforest World Music Festival.

16th September 2010, few days before I curl my hair again.

The hair stylist is my mum acquaintance. Honestly, she's so sloppy and messy. She attached the curler too tightly to my scalp that it actually hurts, and she let the stinging perming solution flowing down my neck. Ouch. But the curl she made is good and it's only RM 25.

6th November 2010, about to months after the curly ordeal. I'm happy with the style as it make it look like I have a lot of hair. The only problem is that, I never feel like a sexy lady with this hair. It's so playful and bouncy and childish. But I still like it :)

What's your hair story?

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