Monday, February 28, 2011

Tag: Hollywood celebrity inspired makeup look - Cyndi Lauper

I didn't noticed I was tagged by Yana to do Hollywood celebrity inspired makeup look. I'm not in anyway a beauty guru, more to a padawan XD (sorry for geeky reference). Pepper being Pepper, I choose to do Cyndi Lauper. I feel comfortable doing Cyndi's 80s look than doing the current glamour look of Hollywood celebrities. Oh ya, before someone says Cyndi is not a Hollywood celebrity but a singer, she's an actress too. Just check out her entry in Wikipedia to see her filmography.
(pic source : Wikipedia)

Since I'm still in 80s makeup fever I pick Cyndi Lauper's look from her album cover for the song Time After Time. The look is typical of 80s look. People literally paint their face with bright colours, in this case, bright orange eyes and hot pink cheeks.

So, my interpretation limited to all that I have in my makeup stash. So I couldn't help not making it looking exactly like Cyndi's pic. To begin with, the orange I have is far more intense and more shimmery than the one observed in the picture above. There are lot more difference, so let the picture do the talk.

So yeah, that's the inspired look from Cyndi Lauper. I'm done with the tag, yippie!


miss syukur said...

hehe suka tengok 80's series liyana. terasa macam nak try jugak :)

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Wowww I ♥ ur 80's look!!!I have never used orange as my eyeshadow before.I nailed the 80's look.and I ♥ c.lauper too..teringat zaman kecik2 dengar lagu dia.alaaaa xstrict pun kena Hollywood saja.yana saja2 buat hollywood.nk buat artist mana2 pun boleh.tq tq tq for spending ur time to do the tag.♥ it!gonna feature u on my blog too.
Thanks akak bgtau yana smalam..kalau x,msti xperasan..oh nanti yana announce my mini giveaway winner ok..

Pepper said...

@Miss Syukur -Hehe, buat la 80s look. Mesti best.

@Yana - Thanks. Hehe, I saw Ashley she'd done Ayumi Hamasaki, kiut sgt.

hevn said...

LOL! Thanks Pepper. But to be truthful, I saw your make up look first before doing mine. Your make up inspired me to think of a singer instead of just actresses. I uhhh.. just failed to read the Hollywood part unfortunately :P

Ahh the 80's. All I remember from that era was really the hair. LOTS of hair, mullet cut and the blusher. LOL

So I love your Cyndi Lauder look. The eyemake up looks great!

Pepper said...

@Ashley - LOL, I think both of us on the same boat when it come to doing Hollywood, we just can't!

I always wanted 80s hair. Crazy cut, color and shape. I wish I was a teen during 80s, too bad I'm just a baby.

hevn said...

Too bad? Lucky you, I wouldn't have mind missing it just to be a couple of years younger. *sobs*

Ahahaha... yea, the only part about Hollywood I'm interested in is the fashion :P
Not that I can wear them with my bodyshape but it's nice to admire

Pepper said...

LOL. Yeah, I should feel lucky. It just that I'm so drawn to 80s, the music, the fashion, the lifestyle. Hehe.

Ah, the fashion, don't you wish you have all the money in the world to buy the fashion.

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

oh forgot to ask your permissions.. Liyana and Ashley, can i copy ur photos of ur inspired makeup look and put it on my blog??

thanks a lot girls for being such a sport and spending your time to do the tag. I love all of u!
thanks again...

And 1 more thing.. since i have 1 more extra of the Natio Mask, i would like to give it to u Liyana as a gift. I am so happy with the gifts u gave me and i want u to have it. I already bought the bigger version so i wont be needing the last sample. can u email me ur full name and address so i can send it to u together with kak syukur's and ashley's.. :)

and ashley, even if didnt pick ur name, i still wanna give the mask to u too because i love all the gifts from ur giveaway that i won..thank u so much!

Love u girls and ur blogs...

Pepper said...

Love you too Yana ^_^ You're so sweet. I'd sent you an email. Thanks a lot.

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