Saturday, February 19, 2011

No no~ I don't do advertisement...LOL

I'm sorry to overwhelmed you readers with review about Clinique's product. Kinda crazy to have so much posts about one brand in a short time period.

No, I'm not doing it because someone paid me to do it. I just feel like doing it. It's really about doing it now, or much much later. I've been wanted to write the review about 3-step skin care system products since December last year, but I managed to procrastinate, until this week.

I'm gonna go through with it as fast as possible and move on to other brands. I still have three Clinique products to review and after that, I have Etude House, The Body Shop, Skin79, ELF, NYX, Kryolan, Nature Republic, The Face Shop, etc, to review. Woo hoo!

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