Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Moisture Surge, I'd always wanted to try this product, but unwilling to fork out RM160 for 50ml without testing it out first. When I ask for sample of this product, the Clinique SA run out of the sample and gave me sample of All About Eyes instead. I finally got the chance when I received Clinique mail with card to redeem free sample. Luckily Moisture Surge sample was in stock when I redeem it.

The sample comes in jar packaging, similar with the full size product. As usual, I wish it's in airless pump bottle or squeeze tube. The product itself is in light salmon color with faint scent, I'm don't know how describe the scent.It is oil-free formulation that is suitable for any skin type or climate. Texture of this product is much lighter than DDML but heavier than DDM Gel. The product spread on the skin smoothly leaving silky soft feeling on the skin. Compared to DDMGel containing dimethicone as main base, Moisture Surge have cyclopentasiloxane (CPS) instead. CPS is a type of silicone that has light consistency which makes it spread and spread other substance mixed with it easily. CPS is volatile, thus it evaporated and leave behind a silky soft feel on your skin. CPS is said to be more effective than dimethicone which may explains why Moisture Surge is better than DDM Gel.

Besides CPS, other ingredients includes plant based extracts from birch bark, lady's thistle, green tea, aloe, extracts or ferment from microbes such as yeast and Thermus thermophillus, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, dimethicone, glycerine, lecithin, sucrose, etc. You can always check online for ingredients full list.

From my experience using this product, I could actually observe CPS on action. When I first applied the product, it feels thick and wet but spread easily, and within 2 minutes, the thick and wet feeling gone leaving well moisturised skin that feels soft and supple. The softness and suppleness last for a long time. As example, I applied it around 10pm and wake up the next day, 8 hours later with my skin still have that *boing-boing* suppleness.

Since using this product, my skin become less oily over time, this show that the product really moisturise well. Since my skin is well moisturise, less oil produced. Awesome huh!? This product also doesn't cause my skin to break out which is always a good point.

There are only two negatives I can find from this product, first is the packaging, second is the steep price for small volume. For comparison purpose, DDMGel cost RM150 for 125ml. Moisture Surge cost RM160 for 50ml.

Would I purchase this product in full size? I don't know, it's just too expensive. I love this moisturiser, but for a student budget, I might have to settle with only DDMGel first.

Would I recommend it? If you have RM160 to spare, why don't! Just make sure you're not allergic to the product. On second thought, it's better to find cheaper dupe. I bet there are cheaper and better products out there. Moisture Surge is simply overpriced.



Jennifer said...

I've always think this one is similar to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (overnight hydrating mask)! :) the Laneige one is value for money if you can get hold of it! one jar 80g (lasted me a whole year) is only around 15 euros!

Pepper said...

@ Jennifer - I'm definitely gonna give the Laneige version a try. The reviews mainly positive and it look promising too. Maybe better than moisture surge but cheaper price. Thanks Jen.

Rakhshanda said...

Great review but the price is a bit too much...isn't it?

Pepper said...

@Rakhshanda - Exactly, good stuff but overpriced.

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