Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Eye Look

Basically the one on the picture above was done when I tried to practice cut-crease and creating TRON inspired look. You can see from the pic below, it doesn't come out as nice as I hope it would be (I need to practice more). So I improvise a little by cleaning up some part and having some crazy lashes glued on. Honestly, I'm quite fond of the dramatic lower lashes. The lower lashes is actually part of lashes that is too long for my small eyes.

Below is some EOTDs in the past few days. I'm kinda in a phase where I'm into colorful eyeliner. Thank god I'm on make up shopping ban as I'm pretty sure I would go crazy and buy dozens of other colors to play with.


lady_flower123 said...

The first one is so lovely!!
I like this eyelushes :)

Rakhshanda said... have done great job this eye makeup. beautiful

Ria said...

I love how you used the big lashes for lower lashes!The look is sooo cool!I wish i had your skills.If I tried something like this, I'd probably end up with eyeshadow on my cheeks.Do a tutorial if you have the time to!I'd love to see how you did it!
Much love and have a great weekend!xx

Pepper said...

@lady_flower123 - Thanks, I love the lashes too, too bad I ruined it when I try to clean up the gunk of glue on it. I should clean it up gentler.

@Rakhshanda - Glad that you like it. I'm still practicing the cut-crease technique, it's so difficult that I could never replicate it on the other eye.

@Ria - LOL, now that you speak of it, there quite lot of fall out when I try to do this look. I repeatedly cleaning it up as I go. I need to practice more because this one eye took me about 40 minutes minus the lashes. I'll do a tutorial when I grasp the technique better. About the lower, lashes, the gyaru girls inspire me, they are like the lashes guru.

Have a good day everyone :)

Yen said...

Hi Pepper!

I gave you an award. You can check it out here:


Rakhshanda said...

Hey thanks for following my blog Pepper!! Just wanted you to follow to my new site too if you please:)

aisyah De Cullen said...

Wow! the color for the first eye look is very vibrant! =D you're getting really good! Makes me want to go practice too..=)
I love colorful pencil liner too! Silkygirl make really good quality pencil liner! I saw some at a pharmacy for only rm9.90. Swatched in on my waterline and it stays! Maybe after you're done with your shopping ban, you might wanna check them out =)


Wow! The first one is soo amazing!

xoxo =)

miss syukur said...

would really like to see the whole look for your tron eye :)

Pepper said...

@Yen - Thanks for the award :)

@Rakhshanda - Sure.

@Aisyah - I'll see if I can make my bf buy me those pencil liners as early birthday gifts. hehe


Pepper said...

@Miss Syukur - wish I can, but I did on one eye

hevn said...

Wow, the first look is really dramatic but I love it, so pretty!

Pepper said...

@Ashley - Thanks. Don't we all love a little bit of drama, hehe.

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