Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ganguro? Yamanba? I don't know~ *shrug*

You have a foundation that is way too dark and too orange for you, what do you do with it? Ganguro inspired look of course! Let me be the first to say, it hardly look like ganguro, nor yamanba. All I see is me with very tan skin, smokey eyes and pale lips. At least I have fun doing something different for this look.Camwhoring.
Smokey eye?
Stuffs that were used to create this look.

Notice how dark the foundation is.

Any suggestion or tips on Ganguro or Yamanba look? I like to try to do this again until I get the look right.


Isabel said...

omg I just refreshed your page and saw this LOL I don't have any dark foundies to try this though. THey're all fairer =_= I think your lips aren't pale enough..

REply : Wow didn't know that. I never knew what was the exact use of conditioner. Sis told me it was to 'seal' the hair with moisture. So it didn't make sense to me to be using it before treatment. I think I need a hair products 101 class lol

aisyah De Cullen said...

WOW!!! I know how Ganguro looks like and you almost nailed it! Ok, not almost, maybe you NAILED IT!! XD Your smokey looks awesome btw!I almost thought you use NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk but saw that its not in the picture..!
A job well done! You look spunky with the look and that hoodie! ^___^ but Malaysian will hv a heart attack if anyone do makeup like that here..XD

Pepper said...

@Isabel - Oh ya, of course I need to conceal my lips first. LOL. Note to self -must conceal lip first.

@Aisyah - Thanks. The look is kinda nice, but too crazy to walk around with this look anywhere in M'sia. My mum would have asthma attack if she saw me like that. LOL. The white is from ELF Drama quad, the same white in ELF Beauty Encyclopedia that you have.

aisyah De Cullen said...

i haven't even touch that color yet in the beauty encyclopedia! XD I just don't know how to make white work! LOL..this might be a good inspiration..hehe..^^
Your mom would get asthma attack? my mum would have accidentally kill me if I appear infront of her with a ganguro look. XD
You're experimenting with a lot of looks these days, pepper! It's fun to look at..^^

CookingChinchillas said...

Wow you really look like a Ganguro-Girl.
I don't think the look needs anything more,maybe just a beach-blond wig.Haha
Looooove the smokey eye

Pepper said...

@Aisyah - I rarely used the white too, it sort of the kind of shade you use for very dramatic look. Since I stopped online window shopping, I have a lot of free time to pay more attention to stuff I already have. Hence all the craziness the pass few days.

@Julie - Hehe, thanks. I think I'm gonna get one blonde wig this weekend, I really want to make it perfect. Is that a sign of newly developed obsession? I hope not. LOL

Ayu~Emma said...

wow, you almost nailed the ganguro's just that ganguro wears super bright makeups.. Love the eyes tho!!

miss syukur said... the attitude! neat eyeshadow application...likey!

chenyee123 said...

I think it's yamanba haha and i think it's really interesting to doing some different look by using make ups ;'D

hevn said...

I did a ganguro look once just for laugh but I humbly bow at your smokey eyes. They look perfect!!!

I ended up smearing my eyeliner everywhere in that look, nyahahahhahah!

Pepper said...

@Ayu~Emma - Hehe, AFAIK, ganguro and yamanda gyaru wears bright clothings (mostly day-glo neon) and dark eye makeup with alot of black and white going on.

@Miss Syukur - Thanks akak, why don't akak try pulak? XD

@chenyee123 - I might try yamanba next, I happened to have very dark pressed powder. Might be the very thing I need to do yamanba look.

@Ashley - Thanks. Honestly, your blog posts on ganguro is one of the few things that inspired me to do this look and part both posts are my references. ^_^

Anonymous said...

You have left alot of parts to be honest.. the only bit that's close enough to ganguro style is your eye make-up. Your lips are a shade of pink and it's meant to be white. Nose contouring wasn't done properly. OMG - sorry for being so judgemental >.< The blending in the eye make-up is very good! It's manba (what you did) not yamanba since your eye makeup is below your eyebrow ;)

Pepper said...

Elina - Woah, it has been ages since this post first posted, I didn't expect new comment at all. LOL. Nah~ no biggie, this actually a first attempt. After all, it's me who ask for suggestion.

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