Monday, February 28, 2011

Lucas Papaw...

according to my bf....LOL, this not gonna be a proper review since I'm not the one who tried it. My bf just moved to Australia few weeks ago. In FB chat, he complained to me that his lips was so dry and chapped that it hurts when he drinks. I think it might be to due cold dry air compared to warm humid weather in Malaysia. He ask me what to do, so I thought since he's in Australia, he might as well give Lucas Papaw a try.

He applied it (in his word 'sapu ja') on every morning before class and few days later, no more dry chapped lips. According to him, Lucas Papaw have noticeable scent, but not too much. To know how good Lucas Papaw is, I ask him if his lips is kissable, he replied

"yep, ramai ladies suka punya la". (Yeap, lots of ladies liking it for sure)

loyar buruk pulak

The main reason why Lucas Papaw works is because of petroleum jelly in its ingredients. Petroleum jelly work as barrier that prevents further lose of moisture on the skin. More than 90% of Lucas Papaw I believe is petroleum jelly. The fermented papaya is only in very small percentage. After all, too much of the enzyme is also not good.

Have anyone tried Lucas Papaw? The reviews are mostly positives, I'm interested in giving it a try.

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